Interested in Becoming a Fall Protection Distributor? Here’s Your Opportunity

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My work has taken me from one jobsite to the next and I know first-hand that our customers appreciate what we do. They take fall protection seriously and have gained knowledge from our team on how to use the equipment and maintain safe work environments.

At Malta Dynamics, we are always looking for ways to keep our clients and the community engaged in what we do on a daily basis, and a growing distributor base is a great way to keep the momentum rolling.

If you haven’t heard, we are accepting new distributors. That’s right. You can become a fall protection distributor for the company you have worked with over the years.

Here’s How.

Offer Quality to Your Customers

As a fall protection distributor for Malta Dynamics, you can offer your customers the best combination of quality and price. Offering two distribution levels, Malta Dynamics provides our distributors a healthy profit margin.

Each distributor has access to an account manager and product resources.


The Difference: Tier 1 vs. Tier 2

Tier One distributors are any distributor that has an active account with Malta Dynamics.  We have discounted our products at levels that make it easy to share our great products with end users across the United States.

Tier Two distributors receive our “best” price possible, usually 5%-10% OFF the Tier One prices. The Tier Two price levels are reserved for distributors who stock our products for their customers and spend more than $75K annually with us. It also includes dealers who are collaborating with Malta Dynamics on product development, offering strategic value.

You do not need to be certified in any particular OSHA or ANSI category to become a Malta Dynamics distributor. However, several of our distributors and representatives are authorized to train and instruct on a multitude of the Malta Dynamics products. If you or your company’s representatives plans to conduct safety classes or competent person training – on our products or any company’s products – we highly recommend you receive the proper certification required.


Become One of Our Strategic Partners

I like to think of our distributors as strategic partners. When you join our fall protection distributor program, you are not just another customer to us – you become our strategic partner. You have the potential to tap into the same dedication and customer service Malta Dynamics offers to each and every customer we serve. We create products for the end user by the end user. We have contractors in the field using our equipment, so we know what you need.

If you are interested in becoming our strategic partner, please contact me at I’ll direct you to our New Account Setup Form and walk you through the process.

I’m excited to build a working relationship with you – and, the best part is that you and your customers have more opportunities to utilize the high-quality products and equipment manufactured by Malta Dynamics.

We can help with your fall and safety protection needs. Call us today!

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