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XSERIES Fall Protection Demonstrations

Our XSERIES products provide mobile fall protection by creating overhead anchor points in locations where installing such fall protection mechanisms is impractical or impossible. This system may appear to be an ideal choice for your industry, but you want to see the product in action before you buy. At Malta Dynamics, we provide demonstrations to show your team how this product can increase worker safety. Contact us or call us today at 855-781-9917.

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Added Safety for Your Workers

Safety equipment is a significant investment and involves the high stakes of keeping your workers safe. However, purchasing safety equipment often comes with several disadvantages:

  • You can’t see the product in action before you decide whether to buy it.
  • You are unsure how the product works, meaning you lose time learning the system after purchase.
  • You might have questions about the product after buying it. 

Our mobile fall protection demos account for each of these disadvantages. You can get an up-close look at the product and see how it will function on your jobsite, from initial setup to everyday utilization and maintenance. You and your crew also get the opportunity to ask questions, allowing you to get the most effective use out of the product.  Contact us online or call (800) 494-1840 to learn more about our safety products.


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See Our XSERIES Fall Protection System in Action

You can see the XSERIES fall protection system at work on your jobsite with demonstrations from our expert fall protection crew at Malta Dynamics. Our fall protection demos come to you wherever you are in the United States with whichever model you request. You can save time by allowing your crew to stay on-site and watch the demonstration rather than traveling to a different location during their shift. 

We even offer virtual demos with a live demonstration over a video call, adding convenience for you and your team.

What Our Demos Include

Our demonstrations cover every aspect of the XSERIES, from how to place the equipment to the required maintenance procedures. We can show you how to tow the device into the proper position or move it using the built-in fork pockets. Once the device is in place, we indicate how to stabilize it and set it up to hold your workers. 

During our demonstration, we allow your entire team to see the device up close, looking at the motor, control system and other components. We also provide expert advice for any questions you have about device operations. 

Industry-Specific Demonstrations

We gear each demonstration to the industry where you plan to use the equipment. When requesting a demo, you can decide what accompanying accessories you want to see based on how you will use the equipment. Our demonstration team also knows many applications, allowing us to answer questions related to your industry. Our expertise includes:

  • Construction demos
  • Recreational vehicle maintenance and cleaning
  • Steel erection
  • Bridge construction
  • Transportation
  • Aircraft maintenance and inspection
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Power generation
  • Underground confined spaces

Set up an On-Site Demo Today

Ready to see our XSERIES products in action? Request an on-site demonstration! Let us know a little bit about your industry and business. Then, we can schedule a demonstration at a time that works for your schedule. 

Want to take a virtual demo?
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