Power Generation Fall Protection: What You Can Do to Protect Your Crew


Power generation plants present several occupational hazards to workers during routine work activities. In many power generation facilities falls are a prevalent hazard for workers and are among the most common causes of serious work-related injuries and deaths. Power industry employees can be at risk from falling off overhead platforms and elevated workstations, tripping over exposed wires, or slipping on slick surfaces.


When workers are required to work from heights, their employer must provide them with proper safety gear to prevent falls and to protect them if they do encounter a hazardous situation. Personal fall-arrest systems and personal protective equipment should be worn at all times, even when the perceived risk is small. 

Safety equipment consists of safety helmets, harnesses, lifelines, safety glasses, masks, gloves, and other outfits specifically designed to protect a power plant worker’s body from injury.

Everything You Need to Stay Safe at Heights

We understand that every jobsite and work environment is unique, and that’s why we work closely with our clients to ensure we create the most efficient and reliable fall protection plan. We’re the safety experts, so we provide the proper safety equipment and appropriate training to best fit your needs. There is nothing more important to us than protecting your crew. From the innovative, award-winning XSERIES Mobile Grabber to on-site demos and trainings, we’ve got everything you need to be OSHA compliant and confident in your fall protection precautions.


Add two electric motors to the XSERIES to eliminate the need for a forklift or vehicle for unit positioning. Inside the power generation facility, the space for movement is often times limited; with the addition of the XSERIES GO! add-on, the unit can be independently controlled and maneuvered at the touch of a remote-control button.


Providing an anchor for fall protection is required, but what if a rescue is required within a confined space? Power generation facilities sometimes have large pipes or confined spaces that must be maintained, if a rescue is required, the rescue/ retrieval kit is a helpful add-on that utilizes bi-directional winching actions and meets the OSHA standard for rescue/ retrieval options.


When fall hazards are located close to energized electric lines, the grounding lug addition to the XSERIES allows the worker to operate safely within 10’ of the power lines. For facilities that require you to be grounded while working, the grounding lug is a useful safety add-on tool.


For applications that involve work outside, the solar charger add-on is an efficient, maintenance-free feature that eliminates the need to externally power and recharge the 12-volt battery for the XSERIES. The panels are perfect for busy power generation sites and showcase weatherproof, shatterproof, 60-watt crystalline solar panels that have a smart controller to avoid battery overcharge.

Overhead Anchorage Guide

Power Generation is an industry where safe overhead anchorage is sometimes difficult or impossible to find. This overhead anchorage guide offers an in-depth look at what can be done to provide overhead anchor points when there is nowhere to tie-off. There are alternative safety methods for tying-off personal fall arrest systems and crews need to be aware of the options.

Rental Program

Are you unsure if the XSERIES Mobile Grabber will fit the needs of your unique power generation facility? Or maybe there’s just a few specific jobs that require overhead anchorage a few times a year? Rent first to see exactly how much the mobile anchor can free up space and provide confidence and reliability for working at heights. Units arrive to most jobsites within 2 days.


Virtual Demo

Would you like to see the XSERIES in live action to fully understand its endless possibilities in your industry? Simply choose the XSERIES model you’d like to see and schedule a virtual demo where one of our XSERIES experts will meet with you one-on-one to answer all of your questions and show you all of the assets you can expect from adding the XSERIES to your fleet of safety fall protection.


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Our highly skilled safety experts are ready to consult with you to provide a tailored fall protection plan for your specific needs. The XSERIES Mobile Grabber is fully compact, adjustable, and the experienced Malta Dynamics team will create a plan to meet the customized fall protection demands of your unique industry. We are eager to help, schedule a consultation today!

Most of the XSERIES models are electric and run on a motorized hydraulic pump powered by a 12-volt battery and are operated with a built-in remote control. Two of the XSERIES models are manually operated and all of them come with built-in forklift pockets to make moving around the facility easy.

All of the XSERIES units are fully road towable at posted highway speeds and boast thousands of pounds of anchor weight. The mobility and reliability of the XSERIES makes them a great, cost-effective option for projects up to 34’ in height.

Of the 10 most cited OSHA standards in 2020, Proper Fall Protection was ranked number 1, Scaffolding Safety Requirements was number 4, and Fall Protection Training Requirements was number 8. That’s 30% of the top 10 that include working safely at heights in the entire work industry. Utilizing the OSHA compliant XSERIES can help you avoid the risk of an OSHA citation or a far worse injury or death situation.


We understand that finding the proper resources for your power generation facilities is no easy feat, and at Malta Dynamics we take extreme care with the user experience. We are the only safety fall protection provider that is actively using and growing our crews in the field. We have hundreds of men and women in various industries who test all of our fall protection gear and give us their honest feedback so we can refine our products before we ever put them on the market for public consumption. Our number one goal is to get workers home safely at the end of the day and one of the most frequent reasons for fall protection violations that we hear is that employees refuse to wear their fall protection equipment because it is uncomfortable and limits their mobility. We trust the opinions of the people who wear our gear daily so that that they can trust us to provide the most comfortable and reliable fall protection essentials.


The Pygmy Hog 11’ Web Self-Retracting Lifeline is a lightweight and compact solution for workers in the power generation industry who have to climb large ladders and require 100% tie-off. These SRLs can be used in sets of two and are light enough to wear comfortable all day.


The Razorback Elite MAXX Harness with front, back, and side D-Rings, is a versatile high-end harness with reflective stitching throughout the webbing. Featuring a sewn-in waist belt and breathable, reflective padding on the shoulders and legs, this lightweight harness will be ready for any power generation facility — and so will you.


The Hybrid Hog SRL has been engineered to meet the standards of both Class A and Class B self-retracting lifelines. With 24” of max fall arrest distance and 900lbs. of max average arresting force, this lifeline will safely arrest a fall in a variety of unique applications. The Hybrid Hog also features an easy-stack housing and labor-saving carry handle for maneuvering around the work environment.

Engineered Solutions Made Simple. Check out this mobile solution.

Every job is unique, and that’s why we build custom solutions to make sure you have the safest equipment for your crew. From our award-winning XSERIES Mobile Grabber to our custom engineered solutions, we can help you find the best fall protection option to meet your specific needs. Call (800) 494-1840 or complete the form below to speak with our team of experts.

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