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The X1240 is a road-towable, mobile fall protection anchor system that offers the flexibility to provide up to two workers with overhead anchor points. This unit provides overhead anchorage that is adjustable on-site ensuring flexibility for various job site requirements. This unit accommodates users working simultaneously, with maximum anchor point capacity of 310lbs.

The battery powered X1240 is designed for easy set-up. Workers can adjust the manual outrigger jacks, tie-off, and work with confidence to get the job done. With additional add-ons available, the XSERIES Mobile Grabber is fully customizable for a wide range of industries and applications.

The X1240 is built in an ISO-9001 factory, right here in the USA, and undergoes strict testing parameters, exceeding anchorage requirements for OSHA.

At Malta Dynamics we are proud to make products that are Field Tested, and Field Approved. The X1240, and all our products are engineered and designed to provide safe and simple user-friendly experiences. We come from the field and know that you need high-quality safety products that work the way they should every time.

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30 Degree Chart 22
30 Degree Chart 30

Below is a downloadable PDF with all the Working Diameter Charts for the XSERIES Mobile Grabber units!

Weight 5900 lbs.
Max. Working Height 30' (9.1m)
Min. Working Height 2' (.6m)
Max. Folded Height 8'1" (2.6m)
Towing Width 5'9" (1.8m)
Overall Length 15'6" (4.7m)
Max. Arm Reach Out 4'-5.5’ (1.4m)
Max. Anchor Point Capacity 310 lbs.
Max. Allowable Users 2
Max. Towing Speed Posted Highway Speed
Trailer Plug Wiring 7-Pole Blade System Lead
Actuating Method Electric Powered Hydraulic System
Controls Remote (15ft Cord length)
Power Source 12 Volt Battery (210 Amp Hour Rating) w/30A Fuse & Battery Gauge
Charging System 110 Volt Quick Smart Charger with Cord
Outrigger System 4 Manually Adjustable Jacks