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Proper maintenance and inspection of your safety equipment are key to ensuring workplace safety. We’ve created these handy inspection guidelines to make inspecting the condition of your Malta Dynamics equipment a seamless part of your everyday process. You may freely download and copy any of these resources that pertain to the equipment used in your operation. For more information, contact us today!


Fall Protection Equipment Inspection Form Downloads

Inspection Form Harness

Common Fall Protection Inspection Questions

What is a horizontal lifeline and how often should it be inspected?

A horizontal lifeline is a critical component of fall arrest systems, providing flexibility and mobility while working at heights. Inspections should be conducted by a competent person before each use to ensure optimal condition and compliance.

Who is considered a competent person in the construction industry regarding fall protection?

A competent person is someone designated by their employer, possessing the necessary skills and knowledge to recognize fall hazards and take corrective measures. They are responsible for conducting inspections and overseeing the fall protection program at the work site.

What is trigger height and how does it relate to fall protection?

Trigger height refers to the minimum vertical distance at which fall protection is required, as specified by health administration regulations. Ensuring that all personnel working above this height are equipped with a personal fall arrest system is a critical component of a fall protection work plan.

How can equipment failure impact safety on construction sites?

Equipment failure can lead to severe accidents and injuries. Regular formal inspections help ensure the proper functioning of fall protection equipment and identify any damage or wear that could compromise safety.

How often should a full-body harness be inspected?

A full-body harness should be inspected for damage and wear before each use and also undergo a detailed formal inspection periodically as part of an ongoing fall protection program.

What is the employer's role in fall protection at the construction site?

The employer must ensure that all fall protection measures are in place, conduct inspections, provide training, and maintain compliance with safety regulations to protect the health and safety of all personnel at the site.