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At Malta Dynamics,  your safety is our priority. Our comprehensive Harness Inspection Form is designed to assist you in conducting thorough inspections of fall protection equipment.


Harness Inspection: Ensuring Safety at Every Level

A harness is a cornerstone of safety equipment, especially in the construction industry. Regular inspections, conducted by a competent person, are not just a recommendation—they’re a vital part of maintaining safety standards. This process should include pre-use inspection, as well as regular, detailed periodic inspection performed by a certified, competent person. HSE guidelines suggest a documented inspection by a competent person at least every 6 months.

What’s on the Safety Harness Inspection Form? 

Our Harness Inspection Form is designed to meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI) inspection requirements. It includes sections for recording the serial number, date of first use, date of manufacture, owner/company, and inspector details. This form ensures all critical aspects of your safety harness are meticulously documented and assessed, providing peace of mind that your fall protection equipment adheres to the highest standards of safety.

Things To Look Out For During a Harness Inspection

The Role of Equipment Serial Numbers

A serial number is not just an identifier; it’s a key to tracking your equipment’s inspection history. Ensure this number is legible and logged during each detailed report.

Harness and Lanyard Inspection

Both the harness and its accompanying lanyard are subject to inspection. Wear, defective wiring harnesses, and damage from sharp edges or chemical exposure can all affect the performance of fall arrest equipment.


Your Safety Record Each routine inspection and interim inspection should be documented. Our inspection form facilitates this process, ensuring you have a comprehensive inspection report for every piece of personal fall protection equipment.

Partner with a Third-Party Company

For a more formal inspection, consider partnering with a third-party company, like Malta Dynamics. We can help facilitate these detailed reports, ensuring your full body harness and related safety equipment meet the highest standards.

Harness the Power of Safety with Malta Dynamics 

Our goal is to ensure that every harness inspection contributes to an unbroken chain of safety. From a routine pre-use inspection to a detailed annual inspection, our forms and guidelines support a culture of safety at every turn.

Get started with our easy-to-use inspection checklist and ensure your fall protection and personal protective equipment are always ready to protect you when it matters most. Because at Malta Dynamics, we understand that the right equipment inspection can mean the difference between a regular workday and an avoidable accident.