Fall Protection: XSERIES X1260

Malta Dynamics presents the most elite member of the XSERIES Mobile Grabber family, the X1260 model. This piece of fall protection equipment isn’t just practical, it’s American made, powder coated, and engineered to perfection to provide ultimate flexibility for your overhead anchorage. 

The X1260 presents a symphony of features and overhead anchor points for 5 users, and supports up to 310 lbs. of worker weight on each point. Using a 5′ extendable mast, this unit stretches into the air and allows one user to tie off at up to 34′ 

This beast weighs in a 5,940 lbs. of anchor weight and, like its siblings, we’ve used innovative technology to make sure the X1260 is 100% road towable by nearly any vehicle at posted highway speed limits. The Mobile Grabber Go! is a remote-controlled electric-powered hydraulic system that can be added to this model to allow the user to maneuver the X1260 into the most menacingly awkward spaces.  

Pull up to the worksite, set the outrigger jacks, tie-off, and confidently get to work with the expertly crafted 12-volt battery powered XSERIES X1260 Mobile Grabber. 

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Below is a downloadable PDF with all the Working Diameter Charts for the XSERIES Mobile Grabber units!

Weight 5940 lbs.
Max. Working Height 34' (10.4m)
Min. Working Height 2' (.6m)
Max. Folded Height 8'1" (2.6m)
Towing Width 5'9" (1.8m)
Overall Length 15'6" (4.7m)
Max. Arm Reach Out 9'-9.5’ (3m)
Max. Anchor Point Capacity 310 lbs.
Max. Allowable Users 5
Max. Towing Speed Posted Highway Speed
Trailer Plug Wiring 7-Pole Blade System Lead
Actuating Method Electric Powered Hydraulic System
Controls Remote (15ft Cord length)
Power Source 12 Volt Battery (210 Amp Hour Rating) w/30A Fuse & Battery Gauge
Charging System 110 Volt Quick Smart Charger with Cord
Outrigger System 4 Manually Adjustable Jacks