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A World of Possibilities for Fall Protection

No matter what industry you work in, if you’re operating in an environment with fall hazards, you’re aware of the safety risks. Did you know that 20% of all job-related injuries and deaths each year are caused by falls? Year over year, OSHA delivers more citations for fall protection violations than any other safety category. At Malta Dynamics, our number one goal is to make sure you and your crew get home safely at the end of the workday. So, we’ve engineered a state-of-the-art collection of fall protection equipment and machinery.

The XSERIES Mobile Fall Protection System

Sometimes overhead anchorage can be difficult or impossible to find, but mobile fall protection can be a reliable solution to provide safe tie-off points for your employees. The Malta Dynamics XSERIES Mobile Grabber is a fully road-towable family of units that features up to 5 anchor points, each of which can support a worker from 130 – 310 lbs. The XSERIES models are all OSHA compliant and boast up to 6,000 lbs. of overhead anchorage. The list of industries that mobile fall protection can benefit is growing and evolving rapidly, but here are some of the top industries that utilize the XSERIES.

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Power Generation

In the Power Generation industry, the XSERIES has been used in oil and gas, nuclear power, wind energy, solar power, hydroelectric, coal and chemical plants. In all these power generation industries, and the accompanying substations, the XSERIES aides in rooftop and building maintenance, building, and utilizing scaffolding, rescue and retrieval, confined space work, and maintenance of tubes and valves.


Construction 1

Within the world of construction, the uses are numerous. The XSERIES can be utilized for overhead anchorage in roofing, masonry, scaffolding, pool installs, concrete works, insulation projects and many more scenarios where locating and installing safe anchors can be cumbersome or impossible.



Airport operations encounter many uses for the XSERIES including indoor and outdoor maintenance of the aircrafts, filling fuel on the airplanes, and helicopter blade inspection and maintenance. The XSERIES is especially suitable for applications where finding an anchor point is difficult because it can be conveniently moved around the site to work from plane to plane with safety and ease.



Military and government contractors utilize XSERIES units on sites all over the United States. From applications like building maintenance, to providing mobile overhead anchorage while servicing hovercrafts and aircrafts. The versatile XSERIES can be towed from base to base to fit a variety of mobile anchor services.


Steel Erection

In the steel erection industry, loading and unloading the huge materials requires safety fall protection and the XSERIES makes it quick and simple to pull up next to the transport vehicle and provide overhead anchorage for the worker atop the load. Clip in and out easily and get the work done safely and quickly.



The XSERIES is a helpful companion for sanitation and wastewater treatment plants where workers need to be up on top of the treatment units for sampling and cleaning. These sanitation plants sometimes call for operation in confined spaces and the XSERIES can be used to satisfy the OSHA standard for these scenarios too.



In the mining industry, workers commonly encounter working conditions that involve operating in confined spaces. The XSERIES can be used with a rescue/retrieval winch to satisfy the OSHA safety standard for confined spaces. The unit can be positioned near the confined space and utilized to lower and raise workers who must work in confined space environments.



The RV Market is a new user of the XSERIES, this year OSHA has really cracked down on safety fall protection in the RV industry. Applications like, cleaning, painting, and maintaining the units all happen at heights that require fall protection and the portability and quick set-up of the XSERIES makes it much easier to navigate around the dealership lot to get the job done.



In the manufacturing industry, it is common to need overhead anchorage within the warehouses. The XSERIES is compact enough to maneuver inside the workspace and can eliminate the need for scaffolding or other intrusively large fall protection methods. The XSERIES can be positioned between units and rotated to provide a safe tie-off point for overhead anchorage or confined space applications.



In general industry practices, anyone working at 4’ above a lower level must be wearing proper fall protection. In the railway industry, all maintenance for the rail cars and any loading and unloading of materials happens at a height above 4’. The XSERIES can be positioned between two railcars to provide an overhead anchor for multiple workers operating on top of the cars.



In utility industries, such as water, gas, electricity, and sanitation, the mobility of the XSERIES Fall Protection System is particularly ideal. The units can be towed behind almost any truck and can be seamlessly placed next to sub-stations, and in areas that require fall protection. The XSERIES eliminates the need to build expensive permanent structures around these areas and saves valuable time, money, and lives.


Transportation 1

In the transport industry, the XSERIES is especially helpful when building roads and bridges. The loading and unloading of materials at the jobsite is made safe by providing a mobile overhead anchor. In a situation that might require a temporary horizontal lifeline, two XSERIES units can be positioned parallel to each other, and a horizontal lifeline can be assembled between the two anchors to allow multiple workers to tie-off safely.


The list of XSERIES applications grows daily and some other industries to mention are currently utilizing the benefits of the XSERIES family are aerospace, landscaping, military bases, agriculture, overhead material handling, mining, U.S. Air and Navy, manufacturing, and environmental engineering.

No matter what industry, in instances where a worker must pass up and down a ladder frequently the XSERIES is extremely helpful. It can be parked next to the site of work and positioned above the worker to allow free range of motion and the security to safely do the job.

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