fall protection for masons



Malta Dynamics was founded by Damian Lang, an Ohio native who started his masonry business in 1984. As his masonry company grew, he started to take on larger jobs and found that he needed to find cost-effective and safe ways to protect his crew while they worked at heights. He found unmet safety needs that his workers faced over the years and decided to craft his own safety equipment and training programs to ensure his team was outfitted with the proper tools and knowledge to stay safe. Thus, Malta Dynamics Fall Protection and Safety was born.


Outfitting your employees doesn’t have to be a daunting mission. We are the safety professionals and have already done the research and testing necessary to provide the ideal products for the masonry industry. Implementing fall protection procedures is a lot easier with the proper equipment and Malta Dynamics has a wide selection of harnesses, lifelines, anchors, and PPE designed specifically for the work environments that you encounter daily.

Perfect for masons and bricklayers, the parapet anchor was designed to be used on flat roofs that have a surrounding parapet wall. The anchor is a non-penetrating device to avoid damage to the wall and requires no tools for installation.

Full body harnesses by Malta Dynamics are designed with safety and comfort in mind. From extra shoulder padding, to added lumbar support, there’s a harness that will be perfectly fitted to your work environment needs.

Get your workers ready for work quickly with pre-assembled new hire fall protection and safety kits. They come complete with high-visibility shirts, clear and tinted safety glasses, safety gloves, a hard hat, full body harness, surveyor vest, and durable duffle bag.

Self-retracting lifelines can detect when a worker starts to fall, and an internal braking mechanism is triggered to arrest the fall and limit the amount of fall force emitted on the body. They have a retractable cable that eliminates trip hazards and stops the lifeline from getting tangled.

Fall Protection Violations Happen to Everyone

It’s easy to think “that won’t happen to me” or “I’m careful and don’t need protection”, however the most cited OSHA violation year over year is for the duty to provide fall protection (1926.501) and fall protection training requirements (1926.503). OSHA requires employers to provide all the essential safety equipment to outfit their workers to keep them safe while working at heights. The standard also includes an equally important factor- training. Providing the proper training to your employees is essential and will save lives and production time. Preparing properly before fall protection becomes a problem or results in an accident will also protect your company against citations.

Fall Protection Education and Training for Masons

At Malta Dynamics, we are proud of offer on-site training for you and your crew, we can teach you how to choose and wear a harness, how to clean and maintain your equipment, and how to perform proper inspections. We have safety resources including fall protection plans, hazard assessments, equipment inspection forms, rescue plans, and more that are free for download. Be self- aware on the jobsite, address hazards as soon as they are detected, ask about fall protection, and always keep safety in the forefront of your mind. Accidents can happen to anyone.

Finding Overhead Anchorage can be Difficult; We Have the Solution!

A 2010 report from the Center for Construction Research and Training showed that the leading cause of death among bricklayers and masons is falls to a lower level. This can be avoided. We know finding a safe place to tie-off can be difficult, so we developed a fleet of mobile anchors, The XSERIES Mobile Grabber. This piece of machinery provides overhead anchorage for 5 workers up to 34’ in the air. The XSERIES is 100% road towable and can be positioned next to any worksite. It’s OSHA complainant and doesn’t require an onsite engineer to sign off on the structure, simply set the outrigger jacks, harness up, and latch your lifeline to the anchor in the sky.


Take the XSERIES for a virtual spin! Once you see the XSERIES in action the endless safety applications are undeniable. Our product specialists will walk you through a virtual demo and answer your questions so you can see for yourself how the XSERIES will amplify your safety measures and integrate with your jobsites.


Do you want to try the XSERIES on a jobsite or two before you commit to a purchase? Rent the Mobile Grabber first and see how it can be tailored to fit your unique masonry jobsite needs. Rentals are available all over the United States and can arrive to most jobsites within 2 days.


Every industry presents a new set of unique fall hazards, and we are proud to offer fall protection that has been tested on real jobsites before we ever put it on the market. At Malta Dynamics, we have crews of real masons in the field who are part of our field testing crew. They try out our gear and give us their honest feedback on how to make each piece of equipment functional and comfortable. We take the user experience seriously and rely on the opinions of the people who really matter- the men and women who rely on our fall protection products daily. There is nothing more important to us than making sure you and your crew get home safely at the end of the day. The proper equipment and education can protect against the majority of workplace fall accidents, and we are proud to be your safety resource.

We trust your opinion, so you can trust our gear! Malta Dynamics- Field Tested, Field Approved.