Fall Protection Facts and Tips to Consider

There are currently over 342,000 active billboards in the United States, and the men and women who attend to them have a list of job responsibilities that involve fall hazards. Some of the duties of a billboard worker include climbing on extension, portable, and fixed ladders, performing duties on working platforms positioned at a height of up to 125’, and utilizing a full range of motion when maintaining or installing signage. Like any other industry that involves working at heights, billboard workers face risk of suffering injuries or being killed on the job. Billboard workers also must consider weather conditions. Because of these hazards, employees need to be properly outfitted with a personal fall arrest system which includes a full body harness, self-retracting lifeline or lanyard, and a reliable connection anchor point. Nearly all billboard-related injuries and deaths are a result of inclement weather, faulty equipment, electrocution, or falling.

You Want to Comply, but Don’t Know Where to Start? Malta Dynamics Can Help!

At Malta Dynamics, the most important thing to us is getting crews home safely from the field. We’ve become the safety experts so that we can share our knowledge and educate companies and their employees on fall protection. Outfitting your crew doesn’t have to be a confusing task, we have done all the work for you and can provide the proper custom products for the billboard industry to keep your workers safe at heights. We have an extensive line of harnesses, lifelines, anchors, and PPE designed to help you.


Introducing the custom engineered a safety solution specifically designed for billboards, the Malta Dynamics Billboard Anchor. This anchor is 3rd party tested to OSHA regulations, is manufactured to attach perfectly to the back of the billboard, and has a curved neck that positions the anchor just out and above the front face of the sign. The custom design allows the anchor to be temporarily or permanently installed for repeated use each time a worker needs an overhead anchor point.

This billboard anchor can be used as a single anchor, or as a permanent or temporary horizontal lifeline. This assembly provides the ability for workers to tie-off and move from side to side while they work on hanging and maintaining signage.

Each Malta Dynamics harness is designed with your comfort and safety in mind. Our harnesses feature a wide selection with shoulder pads, leg padding, and lumbar support for those who need a little extra comfort. For workers who need a lighter harness, we have a range of minimalist harnesses to choose from too. No matter the request, we’ve got a harness for you.

Using two custom designed Malta Dynamics Billboard Anchors, you can create a horizontal lifeline. This bag contains everything you need to make a sturdy horizontal lifeline up to 100’. This assembly has the capability to allow up to four workers to tie-off safely and allows them to move from side to side as they work.

Self-retracting lifelines can be a billboard worker’s best friend because they have a retractable cable that moves adjusts as you work to eliminate trip hazards and tangling. SRLs detect when a worker is about fall and the internal braking mechanism activates to arrest the fall and limit force on the body.

With the permanent horizontal lifeline system your workers will have the freedom to move about the without the lifeline interfering with their duties. And since it is permanently installed, there is no added time for setting up your fall protection systems. Maybe add- All components are manufactured to withstand any weather conditions so the workers will have dependable fall protection for years to come.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has rules affecting its general industry for walking-working surfaces and has specific standards for trip, slip, and fall hazards. OSHA requires that all workers must be trained on fall hazards and the use of fall protection, a personal fall arrest system must be provided by the employer and worn by the employee, and cages and wells must be eventually replaced with a ladder safety system or personal fall arrest system.

The most sited yearly OSHA violation is for fall protection training requirements (1926.503) and the employer’s duty to provide fall protection (1926.501). OSHA mandates that employers provide fall protection and train their employees on how to utilize and maintain their equipment. Don’t wait until an accident happens or for a citation, get ahead of the hazards and properly prepare your fall protection precautions now.

Malta Dynamics Fall Protection Training

Accidents happen all the time and preparing your team with proper training can and will save lives. At Malta Dynamics, we can provide fall protection training for your crew. We will visit your team onsite or do virtual trainings that can include how to properly wear and care for equipment, how to inspect the personal fall arrest system, and more in-depth classes include competent person trainings. We are proud to be a safety resource for everyone and have an entire library of downloadable forms and guides to help educate people about fall safety. Our safety resource page includes fall protection plans, rescue plans, inspection forms, hazard assessments, and many more helpful and educational materials free for download.


Nobody else does fall safety like Malta Dynamics. We know that each industry has a specific set of fall hazards to face, and we put effort into making sure the equipment we offer has been field tested and field approved by the people who utilize our products. No other safety fall protection provider tests their equipment like we do. Period. The other guys might have spotless testing labs, but we’ve got different industry field crews who actually use our gear and make sure our products see some real dirt and work environments so we can perfect them before we put them on the market. You’re seeing this after we spent hours on site with billboard crews and safety leaders to create this solution.  When you wear Malta Dynamics fall protection, you can trust your life to our gear.

We trust your opinion, so you can trust our gear! Malta Dynamics- Field Tested, Field Approved.