Want to outfit your custom XSERIES Mobile Grabber with some of these great add-ons? Contact us to request a quote.



Wireless Controls

Replace the standard corded remote for your XSERIES Mobile Grabber with a compact wireless controller with a range of up to 100’. The remote gives seamless instant control of the unit and offers all the needed safety features.

Mobile Grabber GO!

Add independent mobility for finer positioning at your work site. This system adds two electric motors that drive the wheels independently, allowing you to position the unit without a vehicle attached.

Confined Space Rescue/
Retrieval Kit

The Confined Space Rescue/Retrieval Kit not only provides fall protection but also includes bi-directional winching capabilities, allowing an attendant to rescue a worker in need by raising or lowering them to a safe level. This optional kit helps to satisfy the OSHA requirement for rescue/retrieval options for confined spaces.

Solar Charger

Maintain power to the unit maintenance-free by adding high efficiency solar panels. The twin 45-watt crystalline solar panels are weatherproof, shatterproof, and built with a rugged aluminum frame for superior durability. The charge controller protects the battery from overcharge and discharge to ensure years of worry-free use and consistent power for your unit.

Spare Tire

This optional kit includes a spare tire and all needed hardware to be mounted to any XSERIES model. It can be easily installed with a few hand tools.

LED Light

With the LED light add-on, you can provide overhead lighting to shine bright in areas like confined spaces, nighttime jobsites, or in low light working conditions. This option features two lights on top of the XSERIES mast to provide 360 degrees of lit space.

Grounding Lugs

This optional package outfits the Mobile Grabber with two standardized studs for sites requiring electrical grounding.

Strobe Light

Ensure awareness of your work equipment by adding a strobe light, ideal for work environments such as aviation or in areas near vehicle or foot traffic.

Lockout switch

Add the ability to lockout or tagout the machine for work facilities that require it. Located in the rear motor compartment of the unit, the convenient turn style knob is used to safely ensure that the machine cannot be powered on or moved while work is being performed.

Generator mount

Work with the peace of mind that your XSERIES unit can be charged no matter where it’s located by adding the handy generator mount option. The mount comes in the form of a versatile bracket that fits most small 2000 watt suitcase generators.

Ice pads

With the ice pads add-on for the XSERIES, you can add oversized studded outrigger feet for increased traction in snow and ice. The ice pads are crafted with sturdy all-steel studs and are a must have for colder climates where the XSERIES will be used in snowy conditions.

Hydraulic jacks

The XSERIES Mobile Grabber comes standard with quick working drop jacks, but if a powered option is preferred, you can lower and level your unit with hydraulic powered jacks.

Solid Pneumatic Tires

These optional, puncture- and rupture-proof solid tires are a great option for rough sites or for environments with hot metal or debris. *Note: Solid tires are not for highway use.