Aviation Fall Protection


Workers in the aviation industry operate high above the ground even when the plane is in the hangar. Fall protection is crucial during every process, from manufacturing to routine aircraft maintenance. The XSERIES line of fall protection systems consists of simple but effective equipment for aircraft fall protection. Get in touch with Malta Dynamics to learn more about how the XSERIES can ensure safety and compliance in the aviation industry.

Relevant Fall Risks and OSHA Regulations

Safety is paramount in any industry, and that includes aviation. Every workforce handling aircraft must follow the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) regulations for fall protection to prevent serious injury, keep projects on schedule and avoid costly fines.  Standard 1926.501 for fall safety was one of the most violated OSHA regulations in 2020, so it's essential to prioritize systems that will help your company satisfy all safety requirements. Under this standard, employers must provide fall protection in various situations that involve exposure to heights of six feet or more. Some of the 1926.501 fall protection standards most relevant to aviation include: 

The above OSHA regulations and others can apply to the various circumstances aviation workers encounter every day. Tasks like indoor or outdoor aircraft maintenance, plane refueling, helicopter blade inspection and many others require employees to work at dangerous heights, yet finding anchor points for fall protection can be difficult. XSERIES fall protection systems help navigate the aviation industry's unique safety challenges.

XSERIES Mobile Fall Protection Systems for Aviation

The XSERIES offers flexible aircraft hangar fall protection and ensures employee safety even where overhead anchoring points are unavailable. Each machine consists of a sturdy base and an anchor arm that reaches high into the air. Rather than anchoring to something on the plane, your employees can walk freely knowing a secure overhead system will catch them if they slip. 

We offer both stationary and mobile XSERIES units that operate at different heights and accommodate various numbers of workers. Our XSERIES aircraft fall protection models include: 

Manually Operated Fall Protectors

These fall protectors have 360-degree manual turn radiuses. 

Mobile Fall Protectors

These fall protectors offer grabbers with mobile, towable solutions. 

How to Use an XSERIES Fall Protection System

XSERIES fall protection systems are easy to use. To start, move the system close to the aircraft by towing it with an automobile or carrying it by its forklift slots. Detach the vehicle when the system is where you need it to be, then chock the wheels if using a unit other than the X500 and lower the outbreak jack for support. The XSERIES system should be within two degrees of level as shown by the front and side levels. 

To lift the anchor arm, disconnect the tie-down straps in front of and behind the machine. For mobile fall protectors, connect the wired controller to the system and use it to raise the arm until the anchor points are at waist or eye level. Attach a self-retracting lifeline to an anchor point, then connect the lifeline’s hook to a tag line. To finish, raise the anchor arm to the desired height, lower the snap hope and connect the tag line to your harness’s D-Ring. 

You can enhance your fall protection system with various useful attachments, so browse our XSERIES options online. 

Why Malta Dynamics?

At Malta Dynamics, we set ourselves apart by providing unique solutions to the fall safety challenges the aviation industry faces. From aircraft manufacturing to commercial, corporate or military aviation, your crew can experience tremendous benefits from choosing Malta Dynamics. Count on us for: 

  • Reliable fall safety equipment that assists you when you need it most.
  • Expertly crafted systems that will rise to your daily needs.
  • Versatile equipment you can use to quickly transition between numerous applications.
  • Customer service that puts your needs first and assures 100% satisfaction.

Learn More About the XSERIES

An XSERIES fall protection system will ensure employee safety when conducting important aircraft maintenance, inspection and repair routines. We invite you to request a demo to see how an XSERIES system can benefit your hangar. You can also request a quote online or call us at (800) 494-1840


Every industry presents a new set of unique fall hazards, and we are proud to offer aviation and aircraft maintenance fall protection that has been tested on real jobsites before we ever put it on the market. At Malta Dynamics, we have crews of real masons in the field who are part of our field testing crew. They try out our gear and give us their honest feedback on how to make each piece of equipment functional and comfortable. We take the user experience seriously and rely on the opinions of the people who really matter- the men and women who rely on our fall protection products daily. There is nothing more important to us than making sure you and your crew get home safely at the end of the day. The proper equipment and education can protect against the majority of workplace fall accidents, and we are proud to be your safety resource.

We trust your opinion, so you can trust our gear! Malta Dynamics- Field Tested, Field Approved.