People Don’t Leave Companies, They Leave Managers


Losing an employee is never a welcome situation. In fact, many times, employees leave because they are unhappy with management, procedures or even processes that could have been fixed if addressed properly.

Malta Dynamics’ CEO Damian Lang believes in taking a close look at how your employees are treated, which is why he does his best to interact with everyone on staff. But, it’s not always possible to identify challenges before an employee decides to leave.

In this month’s Contractor Tip, Damian details how difficult, yet necessary, it is to get honest feedback from employees. He believes in exit interviews, and uses them to uncover issues that need to be addressed. Taking a hard look at what needs to change, in the end, helps reduce costs associated with hiring new staff.

A Few Key Points to Consider:

  • Everyone, from the CEO to the newest employee, should be evaluated to determine job satisfaction
  • People don’t leave companies; they leave managers
  • Did you know that studies show the costs associated with training a new employee can be as much as the employee’s annual salary?
  • Employee relations must be at the top of the priority list

The biggest takeaway is that managers must dig deeper to ensure that each employee has clear guidelines, expectations and opportunities for input to minimize job turnover. Ready to learn how to do just that? See what Damian has to say in this article.

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