Training for your Team

On this week’s episode of Dynamic Discussions, Greg and David give us some valuable insight on what kind of fall protection training you should be providing for your team. On the jobsite, the authorized persons receive the basic training required to operate in a work environment.

These trainings include how to put on a harness, how to install an anchor, attach a self-retracting lifeline, how to operate a personal fall arrest system, etc. A hazard assessment of the jobsite must be done to determine what the potential fall hazards are and how to properly prepare for them. After the hazard assessment is complete, the workers who must operate on that site should be put through basic fall protection training. After training on what to do at heights, when to wear a harness, the ins and outs of the personal fall arrest system, and the rescue plan, your employees will become the authorized persons on the jobsite. The authorized person is not the same thing as the competent person. A competent person will receive extensive training on the safety parameters around fall protection, they have the authority to train employees, start and stop work, and are responsible for putting together the safety plan on the jobsite.

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