Health Issues Caused by Worrying

Worrying takes away your power…power to concentrate, power to make decisions, power to live. CEO Damian Lang has experienced worries that have caused health issues and has had to learn to expel the anxiety in order to be the best businessman and family man he can be.

In July’s contractor tip, Damian gives great insight into why you can’t let worrying take over, why you can’t put your worries before your health, and why getting rid of the worry can save your life.

Most of us are worried about the COVID-19 pandemic. It effects each and every one of us. In the end, continuing to worry can cause more health issues than contracting the virus.

Damian says the magic formula for solving worry issues is:

  • Ask yourself what is the worst that can happen: Analyze the situation fearlessly and honestly. Unless you are going to die, you can likely live with the consequences.

  • Prepare to accept it if you have to: Once you have accepted it mentally, you will be more relaxed and feel a sense of peace.

  • Calmly proceed to improve on the worst: When you eliminate all these vague imaginings, it puts you in a position in which you can concentrate on your issue.

Read the entire article. You’ll learn that being content and living life to the fullest is the best solution.

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