Fall Protection Q&A

Malta Dynamics has been in the fall protection industry for over five years now. When we receive questions, we sometimes recommend finding the answer on OSHA’s website. OSHA is the government body that is going to regulate the laws and regulations on decisions related to fall protection and workers’ safety.. All of OSHA’s laws and regulations can be found on their website, OSHA.gov.

At Malta Dynamics, we sometimes receive questions on whether fall protection is necessary to use on a lift or bucket truck. According to the OSHA website, “While working in a bucket or basket workers must wear fall protection equipment with the lanyard connected to an anchor point connected on the boom, bucket or basket.” OSHA 19 10.67 requires this because mechanical failures can result in buckets flipping or separating from the boom causing workers to fall.

Malta Dynamics does recommend following the OSHA guidelines when working on a lift or a bucket truck. We believe that fall protection should be worn on any jobsite and in any situation where possible injury could occur. As a leading fall protection provider, your safety is our top priority.

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So, when working on a lift or bucket truck, typically, the fall protection equipment that is used is a lanyard or a personal size self-retracting lifeline and a full body harness. Most work that is being done from a lift or boom is going to be recommended being done while you are still in the bucket. There are some models of different lifts that allow you to work outside of the bucket, and the consumer would need to consult with the manufacturer about which models those are and which anchorage is provided with the machine.

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