Don’t Have a Rescue Plan? It’s Time to Act

While our main focus at Malta Dynamics is to provide superior fall protection equipment for our valued customers, we also emphasize ways to prepare our customers for potential problems. We talk at length about the importance of equipment inspections and OSHA regulations. You can even find a variety of inspection forms on our website.

Today we want to focus on the worst-case scenario – preparing for a rescue. I’ve discussed previously how to maximize your fall protection systems and how to safeguard your work site. Now, it’s time to draw our attention to the importance of a rescue plan.

When the Unexpected Happens
Who is in charge? In the unlikely event that a fall arrest occurs, do your employees know who to contact? A comprehensive rescue plan should be in place. Before you even start work for the day, your staff should know how to execute a rescue plan that can ultimately save lives.

A rescue plan, at the very least, should determine the following:

  • Personnel trained to use ladders or an articulating man lift in the event of a fall arrest
  • Procedures for contacting local emergency services if necessary

In the event of a fall arrest, it’s also crucial to make sure that all key individuals are contacted, including:

  • Rescue Personnel
  • Manager/Supervisor
  • Safety Officer/Coordinator
  • Fire Department and/or Emergency Medical Services if necessary

Act First, Follow-Up Second
After the emergency situation has passed, your rescue plan should indicate procedures for follow-up and a comprehensive investigation. Make sure that all of your workers involved receive a medical evaluation and treatment as needed.

Then, your safety director should do the following:

  • Conduct interviews with all staff and witnesses
  • Process an employee injury and accident report
  • Complete a supervisor injury and accident report

Evaluate the Rescue Plan
Your rescue plan also needs to allow for evaluation and assessment after the incident. For example, determine the cause. Assess whether or not safety equipment was inspected thoroughly. Outline any additional training needed to prevent future issues.

Safeguarding your staff is essential. While you may not anticipate the need for a rescue plan, having a comprehensive plan in place can ultimately save lives.

Remember that everyone has the same goal – you, your workers and the experts at Malta Dynamics. That’s why we continuously work to provide you with safety equipment and fall protection systems that are designed to help you avoid the need for rescues. You want to operate a safe work environment, have the know-how to operate equipment accurately and establish a productive space. That’s our goal, too.

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