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Rescue Plan Cover

Fatalities caused by falls from elevation continue to be a leading cause of death for construction employees, and fall protection remains Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) most frequently cited violation across all industries as of 2018.

You need a plan of action for your team to follow in the event of an emergency. A rapid rescue is essential for preventing secondary injuries and even death that can occur in a fall incident. Creating a Rescue Plan arms workers with the knowledge and processes they need to follow in the event of an emergency to prevent injury or death.


Malta Dynamics is pleased to offer a downloadable Rescue Plan for your convenience. This fully customizable plan offers fall rescue awareness resources for your team as well as instructions for reporting fall incidents to OSHA. You’ll find a rescue plan quick sheet that includes emergency contacts and a detailed checklist you can use to prepare for a quick response to a fall incident.

Download your customizable Rescue Plan now — and shop our online store or call us at (800) 494-1840 for all your fall protection and rescue gear needs.

When Is a Fall Rescue Plan Required?

A Fall Rescue Plan is crucial whenever work is being conducted at heights where there is a risk of a fall that could result in personal injury. According to OSHA standards, this is typically at elevations of six feet or more in construction and in any situation where workers are exposed to potential fall hazards. Whether it’s a construction site, a confined space, or any elevated work area, having a fall protection rescue plan is not just a matter of compliance; it’s a fundamental aspect of workplace safety. This plan is essential not only for the protection of workers using fall protection equipment like safety harnesses and fall arrest systems but also to ensure a prompt rescue to mitigate the risks of suspension trauma and other injuries associated with falls.

What Is a Fall Rescue Plan?

A Fall Rescue Plan outlines the strategies and rescue procedures to retrieve a fallen worker following a fall event. It’s an integral component of a comprehensive fall protection plan, designed to act swiftly and efficiently in the aftermath of a fall. This plan encompasses everything from rescue equipment requirements, roles, and responsibilities of the rescue team, to safety training and rescue operations protocols. The goal is to ensure prompt rescue, minimizing the time a worker spends suspended after a fall, thus reducing the risk of suspension trauma and other serious injuries.

Plan Requirements

Creating an effective Fall Rescue Plan involves identifying potential fall hazards, specifying the fall protection system to be used, and detailing rescue procedures. Here are key components that should be included:

  • Identification of Potential Fall Hazards: Comprehensive assessment of the workplace to identify all potential fall hazards. This includes evaluating tasks that require fall protection and the areas where fall hazards are present.
  • Fall Protection Equipment: Specification of appropriate fall protection equipment required for each task, including safety harnesses, fall arrest systems, and rescue equipment.
  • Rescue Procedures: Detailed rescue procedures tailored to the specific work environment and fall hazards. This includes both self-rescue and assisted rescue plans, ensuring workers know how to act in case of a fall incident.
  • Training: Provision for ongoing safety training for all workers, emphasizing the correct use of fall protection equipment, recognition of fall hazards, and execution of the rescue plan.
  • Competent Person: Designation of a competent person responsible for the implementation and oversight of the fall protection plan and fall rescue plan. This individual ensures compliance with OSHA standards and conducts regular reviews to keep the plan effective and up to date.
  • Rescue Team: Formation of a trained rescue team equipped to carry out rescue operations efficiently. This team should have immediate access to rescue equipment and be proficient in executing the plan under various scenarios.
  • Coordination with Emergency Services: Establishing a connection with local emergency services to ensure quick access to medical care if needed.

Implementing a Fall Rescue Plan is not just a regulatory requirement; it’s a critical measure to safeguard the lives of workers operating in environments with fall hazards. Malta Dynamics is committed to offering safety resources, protection plans, and fall protection training designed to support your organization’s commitment to safety and compliance. Our downloadable Fall Rescue Plan template is a step towards empowering your team with the knowledge and equipment needed for effective fall protection rescue.

For comprehensive fall protection and rescue gear, explore our online store or contact us directly for personalized safety services and equipment.