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Using D-Ring Extenders On A Jobsite

D-Ring Extenders are a great tool for increasing your mobility. There are some special considerations when using a D-Ring Extender, like adding 18″ to your fall clearance calculations.

At Malta Dynamics we hear different people’s opinions about D-Ring Extenders and if they should be used on a jobsite. We, at Malta Dynamics, do think that D-Ring Extenders can be used on jobsite if they are used properly.

There are many different styles for D-Ring Extenders. D-Ring Extenders can be very useful, and we have many customers that like to have them. Often times, our customers will purchase a D-Ring Extender with each harness they purchase. You have a dual locking connector on one end that connects to your dorsal ring then you have the extension and you can then hook up your lifeline. If someone can’t reach up or can’t reach over depending on where they are tied off, it makes a very versatile piece of gear.

However, they do not come without restrictions. If you’re using a D-Ring Extender with a leading-edge lifeline. If you’re at foot level tie-off and your cable would come in contact with an edge, we do not recommend using a D-Ring Extender. What this does is when you connect your extender to your snap hook it moves your shock pack back away from your snap hook. It increases your chances of coming into contact with an edge. If the webbing on your lifeline comes in contact with a sharp edge it has a possibility of severing the lifeline, and we want to decrease the chance of that happening.

Here at Malta Dynamics, we do not recommend that you use a D-Ring Extender with a leading-edge lifeline scenario. If you’re anchoring overhead, it’s perfectly fine to use and actually encouraged. When you are doing your fall clearance calculations, you’ll want to add the length of your D-Ring Extender to those calculations.

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