Standing Seam Anchor Safety

On this week’s episode of Dynamic Discussions, Greg and David give us insight into the world of standing seam roof anchors. These handy little devices are specifically designed for use on standing seam roofs to create a non-penetrating anchorage system to attach a personal lifeline to for work at heights. Because these anchors are designed for standing seam roofs, if you are attaching to a non-standing seam structure, this is not something that manufacturers typically recommend. The main reason is, even if the anchor does fit onto the structure or roof, the anchor is not rated to encounter any other surface than a standing seam roof.

What is a Standing Seam Roof?

Standing seam roofs have either symmetrical or asymmetrical panels. All types of structures use standing seam roofs, from commercial and residential buildings to industrial complexes. When you work on a standing seam roof, it’s not the same as working on other types of roofs. You’ll need to approach anchorage differently than other types of roofing. Working on a slanted roof requires careful concentration because it may be easier to fall. The legs are different lengths on the latter and the variances will determine where you stick the anchor point for optimal fall protection. You don’t want the anchor to penetrate the panels, and you must be careful when placing them on the raised interlocking seams that pull each panel together.

The Malta Dynamics Standing Seam Roof Anchor.

At Malta Dynamics, we offer a standing seam anchor to keep your workers safe on standing seam metal roofs. With this piece of equipment, your employees can work freely knowing they’ll be protected in the event of an accident. Our Malta Dynamics standing seam metal roof anchor has a swivel anchor point, allowing workers 360 degrees of motion while they work. We manufacture this product from sturdy aluminum and stainless steel, and our design makes it easy to install with no damage to the roof. In just a few minutes, you can fasten the standing seam safety anchor securely. Once you install this equipment, your workers can attach their self-retracting lifelines (SRLs) and focus on their jobs.

How to Ensure the Standing Seam Anchor Points Are in Place

When installing standing seam roof anchors, you should be careful not to over-tighten the anchor points on the standing seam as you adjust the bolts on the anchor to the desired fit. Over-tightening the anchor could dent the roof, and the standing seam roof anchor is designed to be non-penetrating and leave no lasting damage. Instead, tighten to the point where you can’t move it anymore, but not so much that you need to tug the wrench. Test the standing seam safety anchor before you put your total weight on it.

Stay in Compliance with Solutions from Malta Dynamics

You can protect your workers and your business with the best safety equipment from Malta Dynamics. We have been assisting companies in construction, masonry, manufacturing, and many other sectors. We understand what you need, like products that meet OSHA guidelines and fall within strict ANSI requirements.

Order our standing seam metal roof anchor today to give your workers a better way to secure their SRLs. For more information, feel free to call 800-494-1840 or reach out online.

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