Advantages of Mobile Fall Protection

Anyone in environments where you must operate at heights knows that falls are a major cause of severe injuries and fatalities on job sites. Having a proper fall protection system helps to ensure that employees stay safe while working. There are many traditional fall arrest precautions and successful systems in place to help protect the men and women who work in dangerous situations daily. However, sometimes a reliable anchor point is difficult or impossible to find, or where installing an anchor might cause severe damage to a structure. So, what can be done? Fall protection systems are continuously evolving and thankfully engineers have invented helpful solutions to keep workers safe.

Mobile Fall Protection Benefits

Mobile fall protection systems utilize various tools and equipment to provide temporary fall protection solutions. Instead of using a set anchor point on a roof, workers can employ a mobile fall arrest system to access hard-to-reach places while ensuring their safety. There are several benefits of mobile fall protection, including:

Increased Productivity

Using a mobile fall arrest system can help increase work productivity. Most types of mobile fall protection equipment, like roof carts, or the Manta Dynamics XSERIES Mobile Grabber, can support multiple workers at one time and keep them safe. You can rely on one piece of equipment instead of installing numerous single-person anchors. Some mobile fall protection systems can also serve multiple functions.

Restraint and Arrest Safety

With the evolution of fall protection systems, there are more fall restraint and arrest safety options. Jobsites use fall restraint systems to modify the work area and mitigate as many fall hazards as possible. With mobile fall protection, like temporary guardrail systems, you can protect your workers from getting too close to the edge while working and then remove the guardrails when the job is complete. 

Many mobile fall arrest systems also assist in keeping workers safe. Using one of these setups ensures workers are protected from falling even in areas that may not accept traditional anchors.

Temporary Setup

One of the most significant advantages of mobile fall protection systems is their temporary capability. You can have all the fall protection you need at your jobsite without drilling permanent fixtures into the roof or other elevated surfaces. Then, when the job is done you can quickly remove the fall protection and get started on the next job.

Pre-Certified Protection

One of the biggest advantages of mobile fall protection is that most mobile systems, like the XSERIES Mobile Grabber, are engineered solutions that have been pre-certified and pre-tested for use before being brought to onto your site. When you permanently fix a fall arrest system to your site, you generally need to consult with a professional engineer to design the layout, engineer the anchor point to your structure, and approve the project. Using mobile fall protection allows you to circumvent that process – the manufacturer does all the testing, so the end-user doesn’t have to. This means that you can pull your unit up to the jobsite, perform the pre-use inspection, and get to work. 

Dynamic Discussions

At Malta Dynamics, we take fall protection seriously. We know that permanent fall protection anchor points may not always be available, which is why we provide mobile solutions. What are the advantages of mobile fall protection? In this week’s Dynamic Discussion, we cover the reasons you might choose to use guardrails, road-towable fall protection systems, or roof carts on your jobsite.

Before we discuss the different types of mobile fall protection systems, we need to understand the basic knowledge of mobile fall protection and what it means. Mobile fall protection is anchorage equipment that is not permanently affixed to anything. The equipment also doesn’t have to be extremely mobile or agile. As long as it isn’t permanently fixed to a structure, it is considered mobile.

Many types of mobile fall protection systems exist, including:

  1. Road-towable fall protection: Mobile units that provide an overhead anchor point for workers to tie-off to. The Malta Dynamics XSERIES Mobile Grabber is an extremely versatile piece of machinery. The XSERIES units are compact, adjustable, and customizable. XSERIES Mobile Fall Protection units are available that can support up to 5 users at 34′ in the air, and all models meet OSHA fall protection codes. 
  2. Roof carts: Roof carts are an easy and convenient way to provide great mobile fall protection. They are usually anchors on wheels that can be used on a flat roof and drive a claw anchoring device into the roof to provide fall restraint and fall arrest capabilities. 
  3. Guardrail systems: These are excellent pieces of equipment that aid in mobile fall restraint. The Malta Dynamics Temporary Guardrail System is easy to install and provides protection for workers weighing up to 310 lbs. They can be removed, stored, and reused many times.

If you’d like more information on purchasing a mobile fall protection system, get in touch with one of our team members today.

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