The Malta Dynamics APEX Type 2 Safety Helmet with WaveOn Technology meets ANSI standard Z89.1-2014!

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Malta Dynamics’ Type 2 Safety Helmets feature a six-point suspension system for improved impact protection with adjustable head and chin straps for ultimate comfort and fit. Equipped with WaveOn Technology, a contactless chip provides readily available access to documentation. Simply wave a smartphone over the WaveOn decal and register the product. WaveOn links a registered helmet to a worker’s training documentation, all in one place, without the need to download an app. Malta Dynamics is field-tested and worker-approved to keep you and your crew safe.

Key Features of the Malta Dynamics ANSI Type 2 Safety Helmet:

WaveOn Smart Technology:

Integrating smart technology directly into the helmet, WaveOn’s contactless chip enables access to specific information and workplace data without apps or search engines.

ANSI Type 2 Certification:

The safety helmet meets and exceeds the stringent ANSI Type 2 standards, offering optimal protection against impact from the top, front, rear, and side of the head. The helmet's robust construction and innovative design provide maximum safety and reliability in demanding work conditions.

Lightweight and Comfortable Design:

Malta Dynamics' ANSI Type 2 APEX Safety Helmet combines strength with comfort, featuring a lightweight design with ventilation that reduces user fatigue. The ergonomic fit, adjustable suspension, and moisture-wicking padding ensure a secure and comfortable fit, promoting prolonged wear and optimal productivity.