Technical Bulletin TB160914 – A6103


September 14, 2016

Subject: A6103 Beam Walker Super Slider

The Malta Dynamics anchorage connector A6103 is designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of ANSI Z359. In addition to the safety requirements, there are features included in the product intended for the convenience of the end user. It has come to our attention that one of these “convenience features” has proven to have a limited life when subjected to heavy use. The issue is as follows:

The retaining ring that holds the D-ring centered on the I-beam connector (see illustration) may disengage from the main beam. This disengagement then allows the D-ring to slide along the axis of the main beam.

Retaining ring holding the D-ring centered on an I-beam connector which may disengage from the main beam.

The sole purpose of the retaining ring is to hold the D-ring centered on the I-beam connector in an effort to reduce binding of the device when moved along an I-beam by the end user. Disengagement of the retaining ring has no negative impact on the safety or fall protection performance of the device.

Malta Dynamics considers any and all quality concerns serious regardless of their nature. Corrective actions will be taken to alleviate this issue with future production. For devices in field use exhibiting this issue, the following options are available:

  1. Field service the retaining ring by re-crimping in grooves at center of beam. (NOTE: Must not deform any other components of device)
  2. Submit for factory servicing.
  3. Ignore the issue and continue using the device similar to other beam anchor products.

For any other questions or concerns, please contact Malta Dynamics customer service at (800)-494-1840.

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