Get the same fall protection setup that keeps Santa safe as he takes to the rooftops.

Santa’s sleigh is loaded with the XSERIES Mobile Grabber, the perfect portable fall protection anchor point for situations where there isn’t an overhead tie-off point. He’s sporting our super lightweight Razorback Elite Harness with built-in rescue handles to help a worker up in case of a fall. Finally, the Confined Space Rescue/Retrieval Kit is ideal for raising or lowering a fallen worker from those tight places, including chimneys.

Add mobile, towable fall protection to any sleigh. Short-term job? Schedule a rental.
Raise or lower a fallen worker to safety with the built in rescue winch. It's so easy to use, any elf can do it.
Razorback Elite MAXX Rescue Harness
Complete your fall protection setup with a lightweight full body harness designed for rescue applications.

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