Parapet Anchor

The Malta Dynamics Parapet Wall anchor was designed to be used on flat roofs that are surrounded by a parapet wall. This anchor is fully adjustable and can be installed on wall thicknesses from 2.36” all the way up to 14.1 inches. This anchorage device is non-penetrating and requires no tools to install

Key Features: 

  • Non-penetrating design to eliminate parapet wall damage
  • No Installation tools required- Dual tightening handles for even force distribution
  • Rubber protective pads to eliminate damage to the parapet wall
  • Reusable 


  • Minimum wall thickness 2.36"
  • Maximum wall thickness 14.1”
  • Overall length 25.5”
  • Overall height 14.25
  • Main body: Alloy Steel
  • D-ring: Zinc Plated Steel
  • Set Screws: Zinc Plated Steel
  • Protective Rubber Pads
  • Max User Capacity 130-310 lbs.
  • 9” minimum wall height 




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