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On this week’s episode of Dynamic Discussions, Greg and David teach us why some harnesses have ‘breakaway’ lanyard keepers and what they’re used for. Per ANSI, full body harnesses are required to have ‘breakaway’ lanyard keepers. Lanyard keepers must break if any pressure over 120 lbs. is encountered. Breakaway lanyard keepers are necessary to make sure that if the worker’s lanyard lifeline gets caught on something, the the keeper will snap and release the hazard.

Why Do You Need a Full Body Safety Harness?

Falls remain the leading cause for onsite injuries and deaths, according to OSHA. Access to proper fall protection equipment and a solid education of how to use the safety system is vital for worker protection. Full body harnesses are part of personal fall arrest systems that stop a fall from becoming a casualty. One in five on-the-job injuries happens from a fall, so at Malta Dynamics, we put a huge effort in designing comfortable and affordable fall protection equipment. Equally as important, we emphasize education. 

Safety Resources


At Malta Dynamics, our mission is for everyone to come home safe at the end of the work day. Fall protection systems alone do not guarantee safety for your workers. How you use the equipment and train with the systems also matters.

We have developed several resources for you and your team so you can work confidently at heights. From fall protection plans that you can customize for your crew to instructions and tips related specifically to our products, we have you covered.

Browse and download our free resources here. 

Fall Protection Harness Connections

In the world of fall protection harnesses, there are three main types of fasteners that are typically available – pass-through, tongue and buckle, and quick connect. These types are defined by the type of fasteners on the legs of the harness. 

1. Pass-Thru Fasteners

Pass-thru full body harnesses, like the Malta Dynamics Warthog Pass-Thru Harness, use a latch for connection at the legs. Pass-thru harnesses are basic and reliable and ideal options for economic safety harnesses that won’t break your budget.  

2. Tongue and Buckle Fasteners

The leg connections on tongue and buckle safety harnesses mimic the sale kind of mechanism found on belts used for clothing. These reliable connections can be tightened and adjusted easily by sliding the buckle pin into different grommets found on the tongue. An example of this full body harness type is the Warthog Tongue and Buckle Harness

3. Quick Connect Fasteners

If you need to get a harness on quickly, you’ll enjoy the simplicity of a quick connect full body safety harness. The Malta Dynamics Warthog Comfort MAXX Belted Side D-ring Harness includes quick connection points at both the legs and chest. The quick connections that reduce the time required to put this harness on and you can also pre-set your preferred size. 

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