Hiring Tips

Humility has no place when you decide who to hire, who to promote, and who to let go of. To be successful, managers and owners must approach these decisions boldly.


The most crucial role of any leader is getting the right people in the bus’ right seats. The process I use to make people decisions includes these principles:

  • Remove your emotions and be honest with yourself about who the right person is.  
  • Promote and hire people based on what they do and not who they are or who they know.
  • Select people who are honest and trustworthy. 
  • Focus on people who have good judgment and make the best decisions for the team without considering personal interests. 
  • Choose people with the ability and skills to take action.
  • Do not make people’s decisions in the middle of an argument or after someone just made a mistake; that would be kicking someone when they are down. 
  • Make the right decision regardless of what people think or feel you should do. 
  • Do it now; procrastinating only makes the decision harder. 

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