Falls remain a leading cause of workplace injury and death, and inadequate fall protection remains Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) most frequently cited violation across all industries as of 2018.

The first step to providing a safe working environment to your employees is to make a thorough and honest assessment of the fall hazards present in your workplace.

A simple hazard assessment can be completed in a day, and its positive effects can be felt for years. The effects can be measured in the health and safety of your employees and in accident-free days on the job.

The Malta Dynamics Hazard Assessment checklist offers a template for you to assess the fall hazards at your jobsite, so you’ll know where your workers are most likely to be in danger of a fall. Armed with this knowledge, you can engineer solutions to mitigate the risks, and train and equip your workers with PPE that will help to avoid serious incidents and injuries.

Download your Hazard Assessment checklist now — and call us at (800) 494-1840 for all your fall protection and safety gear needs.