Many industries need fall protection gear that complies with OSHA standards, but buying the right fall prevention equipment can be pricey.

With more than 30 years of experience in construction & manufacturing, we have the expertise to supply you & your team with high quality, cost-friendly fall protection rentals.


Benefits of Renting

A good option for businesses that only need fall protection for a short-term project or safety gear at a lower price.

Less Commitment

Test out new safety gear with less of a commitment. Rent for long term or short term projects.

Meet OSHA Standards

Meet OSHA safety compliance standards without buying equipment. Professionally tested & maintained equipment guaranteed.

Save Money

Conserve your capital for other purchases. The most cost effective way to be compliant. Keep projects within budget.

Easy Access

Access high-quality, well-maintained gear whenever you need it. All equipment is inspected & delivered ready to go.

Types of Equipment We Rent

Through our fall protection equipment rental program, we offer access to our most popular fall protection systems ranging from roof safety equipment to mechanisms designed for workers in tight underground spaces. Our main categories of rental equipment are below:


Self-Retracting Lifelines

Universal Guardrails

Roof Carts


Tripod Winches



Our road-towable X1000 fall arrest system provides two overhead anchorage points up to 22 feet in the air. This model is completely manual, operated by a hand- pumped hydraulic system, providing the most cost-effective way to ensure workers always have an overhead anchorage—anytime, anywhere.


Our X1250 offers three overhead anchor points up to 34 feet in the air. The extendable mast gives an additional five feet of reach. Also road towable, the X1250 features an electric-driven hydraulic lift system operated by remote control.

Rescue R1000

Our optional kit for confined space rescue and retrieval can be installed on the XSERIES Mobile Fall Protection system to satisfy the OSHA requirement for rescue/retrieval for confined spaces.

Self-Retracting Lifelines

If you need self-retracting lifelines on short notice or for a single project, Malta Dynamics offers a flexible SRL rental program. You can rent Malta Dynamics SRLS for a little as $75 a week; we’ll inspect the SRLs for you and ship them straight to your jobsite. We’ll handle any repairs and return inspections for you, too. It’s an easy, cost-effective way to enjoy the protection of our SRLS even for a temporary need.


Our Universal Guardrail is fast and easy to install, and provides fall protection for workers near roof edges. Works on flat, level roofs with a maximum pitch of 1/2 in. per foot (.5/12). Each rental includes 110’ of guardrail and installation hardware.


The Penetrator 2+2 roofcart provides fall protection for up to 4 workers – 2 in fall restraint and 2 in fall arrest. In the event of a fall, the Penetrator 2+2’s powerful spikes pierce through roof membrane, insulation and roof decking to create a secure fall arrest anchor. This mobile fall protection system offers unparalleled portability for fall protection compliance at a moment’s notice and a compact design that makes it perfect for easy storage.


The aluminum alloy tripod is built to support one worker up to 310 lbs. Our tripod with optional winch rentals is designed for safe access and emergency rescue in confined spaces including sewers, wells, underground pipe and tunnels.


100ft 3-Way Rescue SRL

The Confined Space Rescue / Retrieval Kit not only provides fall protection but also includes bi-directional winching capabilities, enabling you to rescue a worker in need by raising or lowering them to a safe level. This kit can be attached to our standard tripod for confined space use.

Material / Manhandling Winch

Our standard winch is designed for personnel riding, material handling, rescue and evacuation. The 115 foot galvanized steel rope has a maximum working load of 300 lbs. Personal fall arrest systems should be used in conjunction with the winch once workers reach the work surface.

Pricing Info

Malta Dynamics begins charging rental fees the day the product reaches the shipping location. On the day that the fall protection equipment is returned to Malta Dynamics, rental charges stop.

We offer different pricing for each product we rent, depending on the value of the product. Our pricing system varies based on your rental period. We charge by days, weeks, or months depending on how long you use the fall protection equipment. The longer you rent, the lower the daily rate will be.


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