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Workers in many industries need fall protection gear to comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, but you may not always want to buy equipment. Malta Dynamics offers a safety equipment rental program to provide cost-effective access to gear when an unexpected need arises. Our rental equipment program includes much of the same gear we sell. Contact us today!

Benefits of Renting

Many companies choose to rent rather than buy. This option works well for businesses that only need fall protection for a short-term project or companies that need safety gear at a lower price. You can experience many benefits from renting safety products, including:

  • Testing out new safety gear with less commitment.
  • Accessing high-quality, well-maintained gear whenever you need it.
  • Lowering your costs to save money for other purchases.
  • Meeting OSHA safety compliance standards without buying equipment.

In some cases, rentals can even qualify as a deductible operating expense, saving you even more when getting temporary access to fall protection.

Types of Machines We Rent

We offer access to all our most popular fall protection systems through our rental program, including roof safety equipment rentals and mechanisms for workers in tight underground spaces. Here are our main categories of rental equipment:

  • Davit anchors
  • XSERIES mobile grabbers and add-ons
  • Self-retracting lifelines
  • Tripods and winches
  • Guardrails and roofcarts
  • Horizontal lifelines

When you contact us for rentals, we inspect equipment to ensure the products we send you will protect your team. After inspection, we ship you the product and allow you to use it for as long as necessary, whether for a few days or several months. Once you’re done, you ship it back. 

Cost Information

We offer different pricing for each product we sell, depending on the equipment’s value. Our pricing system changes based on your rental period. We charge by days, weeks or months, depending on long you use the gear. If you rent for several weeks or months, you will get a lower daily rate than you would by renting for only a few days. 

When you get rental equipment from us, we don’t begin charging you until it reaches your location. Rental charges stop when the equipment is returned to us. 

Learn More About Renting With Malta Dynamics

Our team at Malta Dynamics has worked in construction and manufacturing for more than three decades, giving us the expertise to supply quality rental products to keep your teams safe. Learn more about our rental products and rates by browsing our rental brochure. To rent or inquire about our products, call us at (866) 518-3808 or get in touch with us online




Want to try before you buy, or just need the XSERIES for a few jobs? No Problem! We want fall safety to be accessible and easy to find so we, and our network of growing partners, have strategically placed rental units across the United States. We are better able than ever to accommodate most rental requests. 

If you need overhead fall protection on short notice or for a limited amount of time, Malta Dynamics can temporarily provide a rental XSERIES Mobile Grabber. The XSERIES units are road towable and easy to set up on-site. Rentals arrive to your worksite within 2 days*, anywhere in the USA! These units get reserved quickly, so call us to schedule your rental today! *Subject to availability 

X1000 in use
X1000 in use


Our road-towable X1000 fall arrest system provides two overhead anchorage points up to 22 feet in the air. This model is completely manual, operated by a hand- pumped hydraulic system, providing the most cost-effective way to ensure workers always have an overhead anchorage—anytime, anywhere.

Weekly Monthly
X1000 $300 $1,300  $3,000


Our X1250 offers three overhead anchor points up to 34 feet in the air. The extendable mast gives an additional five feet of reach. Also road towable, the X1250 features an electric-driven hydraulic lift system operated by remote control.

Weekly Monthly
X1250 $500 $2,200  $5,000
X1250 in use 1 scaled 1
IMG 8020 2


Our X1270 offers three overhead anchor points up to 45 feet in the air. The extendable mast gives an additional five feet of reach. Also road towable, the X1270 features an electric-driven hydraulic lift system operated by remote control.

Weekly Monthly
X1270 $600 $2,800  $6,000
Confined Space 1

Rescue R1000

Our optional kit for confined space rescue and retrieval can be installed on the XSERIES Mobile Fall Protection system to satisfy the OSHA requirement for rescue/retrieval for confined spaces.

Description Daily Weekly Monthly
R1000   $40  $180  $400
Confined Space 1


SRL Rental Image

If you need self-retracting lifelines on short notice or for a single project, Malta Dynamics offers a flexible SRL rental program. You can rent Malta Dynamics SRLS for a little as $75 a week; we’ll inspect the SRLs for you and ship them straight to your jobsite. We’ll handle any repairs and return inspections for you, too. It’s an easy, cost-effective way to enjoy the protection of our SRLS even for a temporary need.

Product Description Length Daily Weekly Monthly
C9000  Hybrid Hog SRL  20 ft.  $35  $75  $175
 C9001  Hybrid Hog SRL  30 ft.  $35  $75  $175
 C7002 Warthog Series SRL   50 ft.  $50  $110  $250
 C7003  Warthog Series SRL  100 ft.  $95  $215  $475


Our Universal Guardrail is fast and easy to install, and provides fall protection for workers near roof edges. Works on flat, level roofs with a maximum pitch of 1/2 in. per foot (.5/12). Each rental includes 110’ of guardrail and installation hardware.

Screen Shot 2022 02 08 at 11.12.36 AM

Description Weekly Monthly
Universal Guardrail   $250  $600
Guardrail Product Catagory Image 1


60050 L167 scaled
60050 L167 scaled

The Penetrator 2+2 roofcart provides fall protection for up to 4 workers – 2 in fall restraint and 2 in fall arrest. In the event of a fall, the Penetrator 2+2’s powerful spikes pierce through roof membrane, insulation and roof decking to create a secure fall arrest anchor. This mobile fall protection system offers unparalleled portability for fall protection compliance at a moment’s notice and a compact design that makes it perfect for easy storage.

Description Daily Weekly Monthly
Roof Cart   $300  $600  $1,200


The aluminum alloy tripod is built to support one worker up to 310 lbs. Our tripod with optional winch rentals is designed for safe access and emergency rescue in confined spaces including sewers, wells, underground pipe and tunnels.

Description Daily Weekly Monthly
Tripod   $60  $120  $240
Tripod In Use 1 blured background


Tripods can accommodate a variety of fall arrest devices and winches. We offer two options for standard use with our rental tripod.

R0003 update

100ft 3-Way Rescue SRL

R0003 update

The Confined Space Rescue / Retrieval Kit not only provides fall protection but also includes bi-directional winching capabilities, enabling you to rescue a worker in need by raising or lowering them to a safe level. This kit can be attached to our standard tripod for confined space use.

Description Daily Weekly Monthly
R0003   $40  $180  $400

Material / Manhandling Winch

Our standard winch is designed for personnel riding, material handling, rescue and evacuation. The 115 foot galvanized steel rope has a maximum working load of 300 lbs. Personal fall arrest systems should be used in conjunction with the winch once workers reach the work surface.

Description Daily Weekly Monthly
Material / Manhandling Winch   $40  $180  $400
Winch 1




• Cost effective way to be compliant
• Conserve your capital for other purchases
• All equipment is inspected and delivered ready to go
• Rentals may qualify as a deductible operating expense
• Rent for short or long-term projects – No commitment
• Professionally tested and maintained equipment guaranteed
• Keep projects within budget


Malta Dynamics begins charging rental fees the day product reaches the shipping location. On the day that equipment is returned to Malta Dynamics, rental charges stop.


Call us at (800) 494-1840 or fill out the form below, and a sales representative will reach out to you shortly.