Founded by a Fellow
Laborer in the Work Force

Malta Dynamics was founded by Damian Lang who started his career as a bricklayer in 1984. Damian started his own masonry business, Lang Masonry, in a small town in Ohio where he employed as many local workers as possible. As his business grew and evolved, the need for better equipment arose and Damian started his next company, called EZ Grout. In 2008, he added Wolf Creek Contracting to the blossoming enterprise. With his several companies successfully growing, the projects became bigger and, well, taller. This is when Malta Dynamics was born, in 2015. Because Damian had employed the local people he grew up with, keeping them safe at work was certainly at the top of his priority list. He made Malta Dynamics so that he could manufacture and provide the best possible fall protection products to keep his friends and family safe on his jobsite.

Why Our Story Makes Us Different

Nobody else does fall protection like Malta Dynamics. Because we have several sister companies with laborers in the field daily, we have the privilege of sending every piece of our fall protection line to our men and women in the field for testing and feedback. Our field crew tries out our gear and give us their honest feedback on how to make each product functional and comfortable. We take the user experience seriously and rely on the opinions of the people who really matter- the men and women who rely on our fall protection products daily. There is nothing more important to us than making sure you and your crew get home safely at the end of the day. The proper equipment and education can protect against the majority of workplace fall accidents, and we are proud to be your safety resource.

Across All Industries – We’ve Got You Covered

No matter what industry you work in, we have gear that has been proven to withstand harsh environments and outperform trade safety standards. With over thirty years of experience in the labor industry, we have become experts in safety so you can count on us to cater all of your safety needs. We engineer, manufacture, and personally use all of our safety fall protection solutions. We are proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we want you to have confidence that your workers will be safe, comfortable, and compliant while using our creations.

Protect What Matters

At Malta Dynamics, we know that working at heights is no easy feat. You shouldn’t be compelled to wear the proper fall protection just because it’s required by your employer and OSHA. You should WANT to take your safety seriously because it’s not just your life at stake. When you leave for work in the morning, your family and friends are trusting that you’ll come home safely at the end of the day. The life you’ve built is worth protecting and fatal falls can be avoided with the correct safety precautions.

It’s Who We Are!

Of course, all of our fall protection products are put through rigorous OSHA and ANSI testing to make sure they stand up to the latest safety codes. Our engineers are highly skilled experts in fall safety and meticulously design the pieces in our lineup with your comfort and protection in mind, but it’s our attention to detail during the real world testing process that sets us apart from our competitors. The other guys might have spotless testing labs, but we’ve got different industry field crews who actually use our gear and make sure our products see some real dirt and work environments so we can perfect them before we put them on the market. When you wear Malta Dynamics fall protection, you can trust your life to our gear.

We trust your opinion, so you can trust our gear! Malta Dynamics- Field Tested, Field Approved.

Join Our Crew!

As Malta Dynamics grows, we’re always looking for product testers in new industries. If you’re interested in giving your opinion on new harnesses, lifelines, anchors, PPE, and other fall safety equipment. Sign up to join our crew and we will reach out with ways that you can get involved!