Available Fall Protection Plans

Fall protection and safety is, without a doubt, one of the leading causes of workplace injury and death. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, employers must set the workplace to educate and prevent employees from falling – whether it’s off a platform, from an elevated workstation, into a wall, through the floor, or down a hole.

Every year, out of the top ten most cited OSHA violations, 30% are related to working at heights. Fall protection, ladder safety, and fall protection training are three of the ten, but with dedication to safety the numbers of violations can be significantly reduced.

OSHA requires employers to provide approved fall protection, working conditions that are free of known dangers, and training to workers about job hazards in a language that they can understand. To help with meeting these requirements, there are several safety tools that can help prepare the jobsite and employees for a safe experience.

Work confidently at heights. At Malta Dynamics, we have a library of free safety resources that are available for download. Among the top safety guides and forms, we offer a fillable fall protection plan, jobsite hazard assessment, rescue plan, and equipment inspection forms.

The Fall Protection Plan

In 2018 alone, falls accounted for more than 7,700 cases of OSHA violations for companies. This is an alarmingly large number of citations and hazards that could be avoided, but how? It all starts with a plan! By developing a fall protection plan, you and your crew will be equipped with a plan of action to help prevent accidents in the workplace and avoid expensive fines.

Fall protection alone does not guarantee safety, procedures and training are essential to keeping your crew safe. We have designed a customizable fall protection plan that can be downloaded as a fillable PDF. Before every job starts and workers take their positions, a fall protection plan should be carefully considered. With the help of our guide, you’ll have a plan that offers fall protection awareness information, an introduction to different types of fall protection, instructions on how to inspect safety equipment, maintenance and storage for equipment, training materials for your team, safety training record sheets, safety checklists, annual inspections guides, and many more life-saving educational materials and resources. Simply download our Malta Dynamics fillable fall protection plan and use it with the jobsite hazard assessment, rescue plan, and equipment inspection forms.

The Hazard Assessment

In your fall protection plan, you will learn about the importance of a hazard assessment. OSHA standards mandate that employers must conduct a hazard assessment of the workplace to determine where risks might occur, and what should be done to address and ideally avoid the danger.

The first step to providing a safe working environment to your employees is to make a thorough and honest assessment of the fall hazards present in your workplace. A hazard assessment doesn’t have to take a long time, and our Malta Dynamics Hazard Assessment Checklist provides an easy-to-follow template to aid in assessing the fall hazards on the jobsite.

With the help of an honest and thorough hazard assessment you can engineer solutions to mitigate the risks, and supply your workers with knowledge, training, and equipment that will help to avoid serious incidents and injuries. Download your hazard assessment now!

The Rescue Plan

Once a fall has been arrested, the worker isn’t necessarily safe yet. In the event of an emergency, a rescue plan is an integral part of saving a worker’s life. A swift rescue must be initiated as soon as a fall has been arrested and calling 911 is not the most effective plan. Calling emergency services takes time and unfortunately that is not something that you’ll have, your crew will need a plan of action to follow to help prevent secondary injuries and even possible death that can follow the initial fall.

Suspension trauma is a large threat and can cause severe injury. Also known as ‘harness induced pathology’, suspension trauma happens to the human body from being held motionless in a vertical position for an extended period of time. It is a natural physiological response and can result in loss of consciousness or even death.

Creating a rescue plan prepares workers with knowledge and processes they should follow that will help prevent injury or death in the case of a fall emergency. Malta Dynamics is pleased to offer a downloadable rescue plan that can be customized specifically for your team and work environment. Our plan includes fall rescue awareness resources, instructions for reporting fall incidents to OSHA, and a rescue plan quick sheet that includes emergency contacts and a detailed checklist you can use to prepare for a quick response to a fall incident. Download your rescue plan here!

Inspection Forms

Fall protection is worn to save your life, so proper inspections and maintenance should be something you WANT to do to ensure your safety on the job. Luckily, at Malta Dynamics, we offer tailored safety inspection forms for each component of your personal fall arrest system.

Each inspection form comes with a handy checklist to make pre-use inspections a seamless part of your everyday process. Here’s a link to our list of inspection forms that have been customized to suit each piece of your fall protection equipment.

With the help of our fillable fall protection plan, jobsite hazard assessment, rescue plan, and equipment inspection forms, you’ll be well on your way to protecting your employees from the dangers of working at heights. Be sure to check out all of the other valuable safety resources that we offer for free download here.

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