You Don’t Get Results By Measuring Results. You Get Results By Measuring Activities that Lead to Results.

In June’s contractor tip, Damian focuses on results. Many of us can be the kind of people who want instant gratification. More times than not, instant gratification is not realistic. Why? Because how can you get the results you want without doing anything to make them happen?

In the article, Damian tells us how he develops a list of activities that he concentrates on to get the results he wants. He translates that into the workplace when working with managers who are trying to get the best results from their employees. He tells them to explain the activities it takes to get the results, instead of focusing on the results they don’t want to see. He tells his managers to ask the following questions when dealing with employees:

  • What results am I getting?
  • What results do I want?
  • How do I get this person to do the activities that lead to the results I want?
  • How am I going to open up the conversation with this employee in a non-threatening way?
  • Will he feel I only care about results rather than about him as a person?
  • Will the employee think I only care about what happened and not the circumstances around why it happened?
  • When I am finished discussing the issues the employee has, will he respect me for how I handled the situation?

Read the entire article to learn the best way to measure your activities to get the results you desire in the workplace.

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