Working on the Business Instead of in the Business

Delgation Concept

Running a business does not have to be stressful. Running a business should be something that cultivates pride and gratification every day you are in the office, on the jobsite or even in (gasp!) meetings. CEO Damian Lang has a great philosophy when it comes to running his businesses…work ON them, not IN them. 

When taking on the daily tasks of running a business that can almost always be delegated to managers or employees you trust, you don’t have time to “shake hands and kiss babies.” 

To learn exactly how Damian runs successful businesses, he has provided the following recommendations in this month’s Contractor Tip:

  • Make a list of priorities that need to be done each day.
  • Number the list with the most important tasks first.
  • Set up systems to manage your people and processes. 
  • Delegate, delegate, delegate!

Want to run a successful business with less stress? Find out how Damian is doing it in this article.

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