Tool Lanyards for Jobsites

Ensuring the safety of people around you on a job site is crucial to getting the job done. The best way to work efficiently is by using tools, but sometimes they can slip and fall. To prevent injuries and equipment damages, tool lanyards are an effective way to make sure you don’t hit someone below when you drop a piece of equipment from a height. Learn about why tool lanyards are important, how they work, and why Malta Dynamics supports using them.

What Is a Tool Lanyard?

A tool lanyard, or tool tether, is a device workers use to attach tools to themselves while working at heights. These lanyards help ensure, if your tool does happen to fall, it wont reach the ground or hit someone below. Stopping the fall prevents injuries to other workers and stops damage to your tools and other equipment.

Many construction sites may require tethered tools when working at heights because they effectively safeguard you equipment, reduce time wasted on retrieval, and protect other workers onsite. Tool lanyards come in various forms, but one end will always have a connection device that secures the tether to your person, while the other end attaches to the tools. 

How Do Lanyards Work?

Using tool safety lanyards while working at heights is simple. A worker will fasten one end of the lanyard to a tool and connect the other to their tool belt, wrist, harness, or surrounding structure.

The connection between the tool and lanyard ensures the tool won’t fall all the way down below and accidentally hit someone or something. 

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When talking about fall protection, most people forget about the importance of tool lanyards. Why should you use tool lanyards? This week we are discussing why tool lanyards are an important piece of fall protection gear.

Tool lanyards should be used whenever you’re working at heights. They are excellent devices created specifically for drop/fall death prevention. If you’re working on scaffolding over the side of a building, you don’t want the tool you’re using to slip out of your hand and hit a person walking below you. Using a tool lanyard also stops you from destroying your tool in the fall and saves significant time in the retrieval process.

Some tool lanyards work best with equipment that has holes. You can loop the lanyard through the hoop and tie the tool easily. If your devices lack a hole, plenty of other versions of tool safety lanyards will function just as effectively. While working, you can use as many tool lanyards as you need. Often, workers will have multiple lanyards attached to their tool belt and harness, even if there is no tool currently attached so that the lanyards will be ready when they need them.

Tool lanyards are versatile pieces of gear and can sometimes be an underappreciated component of fall protection. If you drop something even as small as a screwdriver, it can be bad news for people below you. You can save someone a headache and even save a life by using a tool lanyard.

Buy Your Tool Lanyard From Malta Dynamics

Malta Dynamics has you covered whenever you need to update your tool lanyard collection or buy your first one. Our Tool Lanyard with Screw Lock Mini Carabiner helps reduce the risk of injuries and damages from falling tools. It’s also lightweight, easily transportable and can carry up to 15 pounds. You can continue to work efficiently with your tools by attaching the lanyard to your wrist or tool belt.

For more information on our jobsite safety offerings, contact our team.

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