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On this week’s episode of Dynamic Discussions, Greg and David talk to us about what a roof cart is and the kinds of fall protection you can expect from one.

What is a Roof Cart? 

A roof cart is a mobile anchorage system that is designed for use on a flat roof, usually a commercial flat roof. Roof carts can be used for fall protection in a variety of ways including fall arrest and fall restraint depending on the type of roof cart in use. Most roof carts can support four workers at once, two in fall arrest and two in fall restraint.

So How Do I Use a Roof Cart?

Roof carts are simple to use. They are typically flown to the top of a commercial flat roof with a crane and, once they are safely placed on top of the substrate, they can then be maneuvered around the workspace like a wheelbarrow. Most roof carts feature large wheels to make maneuvering quick and simple. These handy units can be placed on a flat roof and, in the event of a fall, then plunge into the substrate of the roof to anchor down and protect workers in fall arrest.

Why Renting A Roof Cart is a Good Idea! 

Roof carts are ideal rental units for professionals seeking to create a safe tie-off anchor point when an overhead anchor might not be readily available. Roof carts from Malta Dynamics allow for up to 4 workers to be tied-off at once, two in fall arrest and two in fall restraint.

Benefits of Renting

  • Quick access to fall protection to remain compliant with OSHA standards
  • Save money on equipment needed only temporarily
  • Receive equipment that has been pre-inspected and Is ready to use immediately
  • Rentals may qualify as a deductible operating expense
  • No commitment—keep your equipment as long as you need it and return it when finished • Guarantee that all equipment is professionally tested and maintained
  • Keep your projects on budget

Malta Dynamics Roof Cart Rentals 

The compact and portable Penetrator 2+2 roof cart provides on-demand fall protection for up to 4 workers — 2 in fall restraint and 2 in fall arrest. Should a fall occur, the unit’s powerful penetrating spikes engage, piercing through roof membrane, insulation and metal decking to create a safe, secure fall arrest anchor. The unit is reusable, compact for easy storage, and highly portable by retractable handles, ensuring your workers always have access to fall protection at a moment’s notice.

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