When your company becomes a distributor of Malta Dynamics products you have made the decision to bring the best quality/price combination of product to your customer.  In 2015 Damian Lang founded Malta Dynamics with one mission – to manufacture and bring to market the best possible safety products at the best possible price.   

With two distribution levels (Tier 1 and Tier 2) we offer at least a 30% profit margin for distributors that wish to deliver our exclusive winning combination of quality and price.  If you would like to become a distributor contact us and our team will provide you with all of the information you need to get started.

If you want to sell for us online only then please contact our National Sales Manager at khebert@maltadynamics.com.

Does Malta Dynamics offer exclusivity?

As we seek to fill our vision and mission, to manufacture and develop the highest quality products at the most affordable prices possible, Malta Dynamics is reluctant to offer exclusivity of any source, supply house or distributor. Having said that, there are strategic partners that have earned certain benefits from our company.

These benefits are provided to them by tier 2 pricing, additional discounts, and in some cases exclusive pricing on specifically developed products. We seek out relationships that make sense for all parties involved and they must meet certain criteria.

We try to achieve the following objectives when designing a strategic alliance by answering three simple questions:

  1. Does the strategic alliance improve the quality, best practices of the company and its workers?
  2. Does the strategic alliance promote the safety and welfare of workers across the United States?
  3. Does the strategic alliance expand our market share?

What’s the difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2?

Malta Dynamics Tiered Pricing Explained

Tier One distributors are any distributor that has an active account with Malta Dynamics.  We have discounted our products at levels that make it easy to share our great products with end users across the United States. Contact Ken Hebert or Michele Tipton to become a distributor today.

Tier Two distributors receive our “best” price possible, usually 5%-10% OFF the Tier One prices. The Tier Two price levels are reserved for distributors who stock our products for their customers and spend more than $75K annually with us. It also includes dealers who are collaborating with Malta Dynamics on product development, offering strategic value. Contact Ken Hebert or Michele Tipton to become a distributor today.

What separates Malta Dynamics from the competition?

What separates Malta Dynamics products from the competition begins with our vision and mission. Because our ownership employees so many workers, our products are developed with robust participation from safety directors across the United States. These safety professionals work with our product development team and engineers on solutions with best practices and job site applications in mind.

In addition to bringing superior products and innovative solutions to market, we are extremely sensitive to pricing concerns shared by our fellow companies throughout the construction and general industries.

This unique perspective is the dominating factor that guides us and our innovation, and is the leading differentiating factor between us and the competition. If a product does not serve its purpose, is not superior to the competition, or more affordable than the competition, then we simply will not bring it to market.

See vision and mission statement.

About Us

Malta Dynamics is a full-service manufacturing company specializing in mobile fall arrest solutions – we design, engineer and manufacture an ever increasing product line to serve the general industry and construction.

We offer high quality safety equipment that exceed OSHA requirements; rent/sell custom engineered and off the shelf solutions; and provide dependable services and reliable equipment backed by an experienced management team and a competent sales force.

Our Mission

Our customers are at the heart of our priorities – we take great pride in offering an innovative portfolio of high quality products paired with an unmatched service.

Every day, a team of seasoned individuals helps bring the right products into the market at the fairest prices while constantly working to create, fine-tune and expand our solutions.

A great example of this is the innovative Grabber® Mobile Fall Protection System – an award winning solution praised by critics and loved by our clients.

But our mission doesn’t stop there. We back our products with a 100% guarantee and assure that all of them are ISO 17025 third-party tested as required by ANSI, and that they undergo a thorough Quality Control process.

Our Vision

We are part of the reputed Watertown Enterprises group of companies, as a relatively new business, Malta Dynamics is a fast growing company in boundless expansion thanks to a seasoned management team with over 30 decades of experience in the industry, the work of our professionals and the excellence of our products.

Our vision is to become the preferred supplier of fall protection equipment and engineered services, and the leading innovator when it comes to mobile fall arrest systems – always keeping our clients at the heart of our priorities.

Do you need to be certified?

You do not need to be certified in any particular OSHA or ANSI category to become a Malta Dynamics distributor. However, several of our distributors and representatives are authorized to train and instruct on a multitude of the Malta Dynamics products. If you or your company’s representatives plans to conduct authorization classes, competent person training, on our products or any company’s products, we highly recommend you receive the proper certification required.

Click here to download the New Account Setup Form. We will need this completed in its entirety to begin the account setup process with you.