These Boots Are Made for Workin’

8-08-Damian's-Tip - Malta Dynamics

Are you struggling to find the right candidates to fill your open positions? While many employers are under the assumption that the candidate pool just isn’t what it should be, the reality is that the problem may be with the screening and hiring process.

Malta Dynamics’ CEO Damian Lang believes that your ideal future workers may be right in front of you asking for a job. In this month’s contractor tip, Damian details how companies create obstacles for prospective employees to make contact and showcase their skills.

A Few Key Points to Consider:

  • Do you refer candidates to an application versus asking them to meet directly with managers when they stop in?
  • When someone comes to your place of business looking for a job, start your own policy of interviewing them immediately.
  • Avoid the process of: “Don’t call us. We’ll call you.”

The biggest takeaway is that help wanted signs are everywhere. And, you may be missing out on talent by not taking notice right away. If they are wearing work boots, they are ready to work. Don’t miss out on these opportunities or those boots will keep on walking. Are you ready to learn how to transform your hiring process? See what Damian has to say in this article.

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