America’s Guide to Local and Regional Trainers

Safety begins with knowledge and understanding. Great products from Malta Dynamics are also recommended, but they are only as good as the well-trained person using them. That’s why we’ve created the Malta Dynamics Training Network: a growing collection of qualified trainers throughout the United States working to keep you safe on the jobsite.

Rather than spending hours online trying to find the best trainer for your needs, you can find them right here with one simple click. Every trainer below meets our high quality standards and has years of experience in the safety industry. We go the extra mile in a full vetting process, ensuring that every member of the Malta Dynamics Training Network is nothing short of the best. Learn more about each individual below and then use the simple form to submit a training request. We will put you in direct contact with a trainer and make sure you get the service you are looking for.

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Meet the Trainers


David Vives

Company: FHS, Inc.

Region: Florida and Regional Southeastern Coverage

Gary O’Brien

Company: O’Brien’s Safety Services

Region: Ohio with Regional Coverage

Tommy Lee

Company: TomKat Safety

Region: Northwest United States with National Coverage

Lee Hart

Company: Safety by Design

Region: Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana with Regional Coverage

Jeff Brogdon CSP, CET

Company: ESJ Health and Safety

Region: Carolinas, Southeast/ Mid-Atlantic with Regional Coverage

Josh Meuler

Company: Simple Safety Solutions

Region: Seattle, WA with Regional Coverage

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What makes David Vives an Elite Trainer:

David Vives has over 40 years as a technical expert in the crane and hoist field. He started his career in the US military and spent 6 Years USN Nuclear Weapons Technician (including 1-1/2 years serving our country in Vietnam.) After returning to the U.S. David graduated from Black River Technical College with a degree in Drafting and mechanical design. Over the last 22 years, David Vives has been a top performer at FHS, Inc. and oversees the fall protection systems division. In addition to providing OSHA and Systems training, he is one of the best fall protection specialists in the southeast. David continues to receive training from most of the major manufacturers including Malta Dynamics, 3M, Honeywell and Capital Safety.

Why we recommend David Vives:

(From Tim Bambrick – Director of Product Development)

“David Vives is not only a terrific instructor that is well versed in fall protection but his application and real world experience has allowed him to have a positive impact on the products we have been developing at Malta Dynamics. His insight is extremely valuable to us; and as I have continued to work with him, he exhibits a tremendous fall protection and safety knowledge.”

David Vives’ Certifications Include:

  • OSHA 500 – Trainer Course
  • OSHA – Trainer Course (500)
  • OSHA Fall Protection (3110)
  • Honeywell/Miller Competent person
  • 3M Competent person
  • Rigid Lifelines competent person

What makes Gary O’Brien an Elite Trainer:

Gary O’Brien has an extensive safety and training background. As safety manager for Globe Metallurgical Inc. and Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, Gary O’Brien is heavily relied upon for OSHA training, environmental health and safety training. Customers across the Ohio region rely on O’Brien’s Safety Services not just for the training but to have his team standing by for confined space rescue. O’Brien’s Safety Services provides a full array of safety services to all industries, including manufacturing, gas, chemical, oil, utilities and municipalities, as well as contractors who specialize in servicing these industries. All training offered by O’Brien’s Safety Services is Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant and is customized for each client to maximize safety, effectiveness and cost efficiency.

Why we recommend Gary O’Brien:

(From Ken Hebert – National Sales Manager)

“I first met Gary O’Brien after interviewing multiple end users regarding their training processes. 7 out of the 10 companies I visited with stated that Gray O’Brien was their preferred trainer. Gary employees a common sense approach to help his customers and work with large, medium and small sized companies. From business owners, to managers and employees he understands their roles in creating a safe work environment. His customers rely on him to develop and implement safety programs.”

Gary O’Brien’s Certifications Include:

  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Safety Consulting
  • OSHA Mock Audits
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Regulatory Raining
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Human Resources Consulting
  • Safety Manual Development
  • Employee Handbook Writing
  • DOT Hazardous Material
  • HAZWOPER Training

What makes Tommy Lee an Elite Trainer:

Tommy Lee has over 20 years of hands-on experience in the construction industry and has performed and trained in trades ranging from roofer/framer to high-elevation iron worker. This experience makes Tommy Lee a specialist in fall protection. From May 2006, when Tommy Lee left the construction industry he became Guardian Fall Protection’s Director of Quality Assurance. As the company grew Tommy honed his expertise and created a new Training department, serving as the Director of Training.

During this time Tommy Lee became a certified expert in all federal and local governmental safety requirements as they apply to fall protection and related safety issues. He developed and delivered a wide spectrum of basic and advanced training courses that are designed to meet all regulatory requirements. This combination of practical construction experience coupled with extensive knowledge of current safety requirements makes Tommy Lee an exceptionally effective instructor—the kind of instructor workers respect.

Why we recommend Tommy Lee:

(From Ken Hebert – National Sales Manager)

“I have personally received instruction from Tommy Lee and brought customers to him (safety directors, management teams and end users alike); he has always conducted his basic and advanced training and certification courses in ways that are easily related to the jobsite.  He has been successful all over the U.S. as well as the Netherlands, Austria, Singapore, Canada, and Central/South America. He is approachable and like-able which makes his instruction easy.  He allows people to enjoy the work in a practical and positive way.”

Tommy Lee’s Certifications Include:

  • OSHA 500 – Trainer Course
  • OSHA 502 –
  • OSHA 510 – Standards for the Construction Industry
  • OSHA 511 – Standards for the General Industry
  • OSHA 3110 – Fall Protection
  • CSA – Fall Protection (50013194-50061917)
  • ISO 9001:2000 (50009601-50022621)

Independent Coursework

  • OSHA – Trainer Course (500)
  • OSHA – Update for Construction Industry Outreach Trainers (502)
  • OSHA – Standards for the Construction Industry (510)
  • OSHA – Standards for the General Industry (511)
  • OSHA Fall Protection (3110)
  • CSA – Fall Protection (50013194-50061917)
  • Gravitec – Competent Person Fall Protection
  • ISO 9001:2000 (50009601-50022621)
  • XSPlatform – XTS Horizontal Lifeline Systems
  • XSPlatform – XTP Guardrail Systems
  • Kee Safety – Horizontal Lifeline Systems
  • Tech Safety Lines – Self Rescue
  • Tech Safety Lines – Assisted Rescue
  • SpanSet – Advanced Industrial Climber
  • SpanSet – S.H.A.R.K. (High Access Rescue
  • SpanSet – Gotcha Rescue
  • SpanSet – CRD (Constand Rate Descender)

What makes Lee Hart an Elite Trainer:

Lee Hart not only provides safety training and solutions for his customers but he is a true innovator in the way he markets his services. Lee Hart is an expert in providing solutions when customers need them most. An architect of written policies, procedures, training and education, Lee is an expert in verification and enforcement. Where most trainers leave the room once the training has been completed, Lee stays with his customers to see the training remains a focus for the employees and management teams. Furthermore, Lee provides and installs proven disciplinary programs that allow for a safety culture to take root within the companies. The results that Lee Hart provides are both meaningful and effective.

Why we recommend Lee Hart:

(From Ken Hebert – National Sales Manager)

“Lee Hart and his firm have helped thousands of workers and hundreds of companies become safer and more efficient. They remain on-site and the projects they handle are provided qualified safety professionals that assist their clients with their safety needs while reducing costs. Their clients have become loyal partners and within the Houston market he is well known as the “go to” guy for solutions.”

Lee Hart’s Certifications Include:

  • Full-Time Embedded Project Safety Coordinators
  • OSHA Training
  • Competent Person Training
  • Data Tracking
  • OSHA Facilitation
  • Incident Investigations
  • Mock OSHA Inspections
  • ISNetworld*, PICS and PEC Assistance and Support

What makes Jeff Brogdon an Elite Trainer:

Jeff Brogdon is owner of ESJ Health and Safety and the lead instructor for  Onesimus Defense’s Safety Services Division providing clients with world-class expertise in training, equipping, and knowledge-management in the most current and up to date standards as promulgated by federal and industrial safety oversight agencies, such as OSHA, ANSI, ASSE, and the NFPA.  Jeff not only trains but he is responsible for the integration of the safety culture of governing agencies and other customers of this organization. Jeff is also a veteran which allows for a better understanding of their clients which include Department of Defense and a multiple other federal agencies and private sector.  Jeff works hard to constantly serve his customers, clients and defense partners with exceptionally beneficial services and instruction and he maintains that the education provided by him is always, without exception, necessary, relevant, and “useful”.

Why we recommend Jeff Brodgon:

(From Ken Hebert – National Sales Manager)

“Mr. Brogdon is a safety professional with 20 years’ experience in the areas of occupational safety, health training and consulting. He has specialty experience in construction, manufacturing, and petrochemical processing. He is a veteran and a graduate of Western Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science. He holds Board of Certified Safety Professional’s Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and Certified Environmental Health and Safety Trainer (CET) credentials.  Jeff has proven himself to be dedicated to promoting safety and approaches his vocation with a rigorous commitment.”

Jeff Brogdon’s Certifications Include:

  • Gravitec-Qualified Person-Fall Protection
  • Gravitec-Competent Person-Fall Protection
  • PG&E Competent Person-Fall protection
  • OSHA OTI Instructor

What makes Josh Meuler an Elite Trainer:

Josh Meuler has an extensive safety and training background. As safety manager for Centimark, Josh was a key participant in the development of anchor points that allowed for much safer work practices for his employees. Josh honed his expertise by writing job hazard analysis, safe work plans, implementing pre task plans   He was, and still is a true motivator of those who have the fortune to work with him.   After a few years at Centimark Josh joined Guardian Fall Protection, handling the site walks and hazard analysis for their Engineered Services Group. He became one the of the west coast’s most experienced and knowledgeable engineered systems experts. Josh helped pioneer the XS Platforms line in the United States. Most recently Josh has started his own company – Simple Safety Solutions – and we are extremely happy to have him as part of our recommended network of trainers.

Why we recommend Josh Meuler:

(From Ken Hebert – National Sales Manager)

“I first met Josh Meuler while working at Guardian Fall Protection and I relied upon him on several occasions to assist customers in identifying hazards and resolving their fall protection needs. He is an expert at his craft and has played the role of inventor, safety director, supervisor, installer, and most recently business owner. Any company enlisting his help will get the best possible service. Josh is attentive, he approaches safety in a common sense manner and gets the job done in a reasonable timeline and price point.”

Some of the Courses Offered


4Hr Competent Fall Protection Equipment Inspector


Malta Dynamics Competent Fall Protection Equipment Inspector course is designed to introduce standardized practices for fall protection equipment inspection by using a variety of hands-on exercises. The typical participant works in a tool room or equipment inventory room and is responsible for the care, marking and maintenance of equipment. Topics covered include the basic set-up and use of fall protection systems and equipment. The regulations and standards for the inspection of fall protection systems and equipment are covered in detail along with record-keeping requirements.

4Hr OSHA Compliance Fall Protection Training                                                        


Malta Dynamics OSHA Compliance Fall Protection Training course is an opportunity to discuss and question current regulations and informational sources, explain the impact falls have on health and safety in the workplace and identify the principle measures available for their elimination, so that students apply fall protection provisions of OSHA standards towards the elimination of serious injury caused by falls in the workplace.

A short written test will be administered with a required passing of 70% in order to receive laminated wallet size training card certificate.

8Hr ANSI Authorized Worker Fall Protection Training                                                           


Malta Dynamics ANSI Authorized Worker Fall Protection Training course is suited for those workers that are required to work at heights and require knowledge in the use of pre-installed fall protection systems. This course is designed to combine traditional classroom sessions with hands-on exercises that will advance the student’s knowledge of basic fall protection principles and equipment. This course does not cover installation, design or erection of systems but will familiarize the student with most traditional commercially available systems.

This course is designed to comply with the ANSI/ASSE 490.1-2001 standard for training and the ANSI Z359.1-2007 protocols for “Authorized Worker” training.

Upon completion of this course, participants shall be able to understand and properly use the fall protection systems covered in the course. They shall also be capable of identifying a fall hazard, how to avoid falls and how to protect themselves in the event of a fall.

Each successful participant shall receive a two certificates, wall and wallet size, of completion upon passing a written exam for the course.

2-Day Competent Person Fall Protection and Competent Equipment Inspection Dual Certification Training                                                               


Malta Dynamics Competent Person/Equipment Inspector Fall Protection dual certification training course is designed to introduce safety professionals, construction inspectors and similar personnel with current and updated knowledge of the fall protection principles, hazard identification, fall protection systems, program development/implementation and relevant standards and regulations.

Course covers the use, selection and installation of conventional and non-conventional fall protection equipment. This course also addresses relevant fall protection regulations and fall hazard identification. These components, combined with the hands-on set-up of fall protection systems, instill a working knowledge of all the essential elements of a fall protection program. The course curriculum includes both classroom sessions and practical hands-on exercises.

Written and practical tests are administered to ensure that students understand the principles presented. Documentation is available to satisfy your company’s due diligence and regulatory requirements.

Additionally, comprehensive training will be provided on proper inspection methods of Personal Fall Arrest Equipment to include hands on inspection test of over 50 pieces of equipment by each attendee.

Each attendee will receive both wallet and full size certificates for each of the two certifications; Competent Person Fall Protection and Competent Equipment Inspector Fall Protection.

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