Steel Erectors Association of America

Thank you for visiting our Malta Dynamics booth at Steel Erectors Association of America 2021 2021! We have always been and will always be – safety. We’re the fall protection experts, so let us take away the guesswork,  keeping you safe at work is more important to us than anything else. Count on us for all your safety and fall protection needs. 


OSHA citations for fall protection account for at least 3 out of the top 10 violations every year.

Do you know what to do when an OSHA representative approaches you on a jobsite? Having a plan in place is the first step to protecting your company and crew.

We make it easy to build your safety plans. Check out the free safety resources below. 

Fall protection plan

Check out this free editable safety plan and create your own custom fall protection plan in minutes.

insepction forms

Evaluating your equipment is extremely important, here are some quick checklists that are perfect for your daily pre-use inspection. These forms can even be used for a Competent Person annual inspection.


Just wearing fall protection equipment isn’t a strong enough plan, employees need training on how to properly use and maintain their gear. We offer virtual and on-site trainings for teams. Check back frequently to see our free webinar schedule.


Have a short-term fall protection need? No problem. We rent mobile fall protection, tripods, roof carts and more.

The most common reason for fall protection violations we hear is that employees refused to wear uncomfortable gear that interferes with their mobility and work.

We’ve listened to the people who wear our gear daily and created safety harness options for your crew’s needs. Our Comfort MAXX harness line has extra padding and lumbar support in the built-in belt. For workers who need a lighter weight solution, our Razorback Elite safety harness features lightweight, breathable padding. Our harnesses with multiple D-Ring configurations easily switch between overhead tie-off, side D-Ring positioning, and climbing for fixed ladders and towers.


Equip your new hires with the basics so they are ready to get started safely.


This is our most popular harness for general construction and roofing.


This is our most popular harness for general construction and roofing.


This rope grab works well for fall arrest or fall restraint applications.


Retractables designed for situations where you need to tie off at foot-level.

Stay cool with vented helmets that come with optional visors.

Short and long sleeve options to keep your team visible on the jobsite.

Work vests with reflective stripes increase visibility, especially at night.

Loading and unloading materials on construction sites requires fall protection. Check out this mobile solution.

Every construction site is unique, and that’s why we build custom solutions to make sure you have the safest equipment for your crew. From our award-winning XSERIES Mobile Grabber to our custom engineered solutions, we can help you find the best fall protection option to meet your specific needs.

Need fall protection advice?