Sharpen Your Saw

5-3-Strategic-Planning Malta Dynamics

It’s common to get so caught up in daily tasks and projects that we forget to tackle the big stuff. In fact, Malta Dynamics’ CEO Damian Lang, learned this lesson years ago when he discovered the tale about a man and his saw. The man was struggling to cut down a tree, but it was taking much longer than he expected because his saw was dull. If he had taken the time to sharpen the saw, he would have seen results quickly.

Do you take the time to sharpen your saw on a regular basis? Do you meet with your team to review profits and losses or review employee expectations and performance?

If not, you may be dulling your business – similar to using a dull saw to cut down a tree.

In this month’s Contractor Tip, Damian outlines the importance of pausing for a moment and briefing employees and executives so that everyone is on the same page and aware of urgent initiatives.

A Few Key Points to Consider:

  • Do you create action plans for your staff?
  • Do you follow up on these action plans?
  • Are you holding your staff and yourself accountable?
  • Are you working hard, but not working smart?

The biggest takeaway is that your company should hold regular strategic planning meetings. Ready to learn how to do just that? See what Damian has to say in this article.

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