Robert Brown – Camarata Masonry Systems, Ltd. – Houston, TX

“Malta Dynamics has been resourceful and hands-on, particularly in making sure their product is meeting our company needs out in the field. Malta Dynamics’ strike just the right balance between providing a superior quality based product, yet offering it to the end-user at a reasonable and very affordable price.”

Elizabeth Graves – Spec Rents – Hamilton, TX

“All of the Malta Dynamics products are designed with both owners and end-users in mind. They provide heavy duty products with superior employee protection at great prices for the contractor/owner. For the end-user they provide products, such as their harnesses, that are very comfortable to wear and are user-friendly.”

Tim Quintrell – Triton Construction – Saint Albans, WV

“My employees are very satisfied with Malta Dynamics’ products. They need to keep up the great work!”

Josh Mueler – Simple Safety Solutions – Vancouver, WA

“Malta Dynamics’ approach to the design of their retractables is the perfect combination of quality and affordability.”