Robert Brown – Camarata Masonry Systems, Ltd. – Houston, TX

“Malta Dynamics has been resourceful and hands-on, particularly in making sure their product is meeting our company needs out in the field. Malta Dynamics’ strike just the right balance between providing a superior quality based product, yet offering it to the end-user at a reasonable and very affordable price.”

Elizabeth Graves – Spec Rents – Hamilton, TX

“All of the Malta Dynamics products are designed with both owners and end-users in mind. They provide heavy duty products with superior employee protection at great prices for the contractor/owner. For the end-user they provide products, such as their harnesses, that are very comfortable to wear and are user-friendly.”

Tim Quintrell – Triton Construction – Saint Albans, WV

“Success in the construction industry starts with providing employees a safe and healthful workplace. Malta Dynamics helps me do that by providing high quality products shipped directly to my office or the jobsite with a speed that no other company has been able to match. Thanks from the Safety Department of Triton Construction.”

Josh Mueler – Simple Safety Solutions – Vancouver, WA

“Malta Dynamics’ approach to the design of their retractables is the perfect combination of quality and affordability.”

Joe Mattingly – US Fall Protection – Florence, KY

“While working with Malta we have been able to reduce costs but the biggest reward is how innovative and advanced their products are to our industry. Would definitely recommend Malta products for all of your safety needs.”

Chris Saniuk – Quasar Energy Group – Independence, OH

“We recently started purchasing safety equipment from Malta, mainly fall harnesses and lanyards. The guys using them are happy with the quality and comfort. From an ordering standpoint, Malta has great prices and has always shipped the products quickly. Will continue to use them for future safety gear needs.”

Richard Wills – Flint Hills Resources – Wichita, KS

“I vetted the equipment to safety and demoed too with a lot of interest to date. I believe interested parties are trying to find funds in their 2018 budget. We have used the Grabber equipment 6-7 times and it is all it was cracked up to be.”

Steve Cunningham – Solvay Specialty – Marietta, OH

“Our company purchased The Grabber in result of a severe injury from a fall from flatbed trailer. Even though a flatbed trailer is not that high off the ground, it can still cause serious injury to a person if they were to fall. We needed a fall protection that would ensure complete safety of our employees. We decided to purchase a Malta Dynamics Grabber and we are very pleased with our purchase. We are getting great use out of our Grabber in a number of scenarios throughout our facility where high point anchors were not previously available as well as providing increased room at some confined space entrances.  It has proven to be extremely beneficial to our company. I would recommend this piece of equipment to anyone!”

Eddie Casadevail – ITG Printing – Huntersville, NC

“Good response and everything I ask for! Jess has been very helpful and I will be working with them again very soon. The sales person I spoke to was very professional and knowledgeable – THANKS.”

Paul Hoyt – Brand Energy – La Place, LA

“I am a manager for Brand/Safway in the New Orleans area and we order all of our fall protection equipment from Malta Dynamics. They provide top of the line fall protection equipment at the best price. They offer a wide range of safety equipment from Anchorage Connectors to PPE and Accessories all of which exceed OSHA requirements. The only thing better than their equipment is their customer support and management team. I have been a customer for five years and have been treated with the utmost class and respect with every order. If Malta Dynamics does not provide what you need to get the job done safely then they should, there is no other choice!!!”

M. K. White – AlphaPet, Inc. – Decatur, AL

“As a Safety Professional it is often times a tough road when you are trying to balance cost against need, especially when it comes to fall protection. Having said that, I was in need of replacing all of the fall protection we have here at the facility and with so many choices on vendors and manufacturers to choose from, made this a very difficult decision. To compound the decision, I needed equipment that the employees could trust and believe it would not fail when they needed it the most, all at a competitive price. Well long story short, in comes Malta Dynamics, with no sales pitch, no gimmicks, just great customer service, dependable equipment, and unbelievable pricing to fit any budget. I have seen much of the safety equipment out there and I can honestly say Malta Dynamic is one of the best.”