Malta Dynamics Certifies Strategic
For Their Customer Excellence!

A Malta Dynamics’ strategic partner is a distributor or dealer that shares core values with us. Malta Dynamics was founded with the vision and mission of bringing the highest quality products to market at the best possible price point. After all, our founder Damian Lang I, is an entrepreneur who has developed multiple product lines for his own employees to use, and is sharing these products with multiple industries.

While Malta Dynamics does self-distribute, we know that there are distributors, wholesalers, and dealers in the market place that are just as dedicated to their customers.
Distributors need products not only to survive, but we try to select distributors that are known for providing services and products that greatly benefit their customer base. These are the types of partners that know what our target customer wants. This indicates that the mission that drives our business is the same, and becomes a strong differentiating factor vs. the competition. Because of this Malta Dynamics takes the time to select partners that are best suited for our customer base.

Malta Dynamics rewards our partners with a 35+ profit margin and a multitude of monthly and quarterly incentives to help drive their revenue stream. Our partners, in turn create additional value that is passed along to the customer. This is the benefit of two companies sharing similar goals and objectives and has proven to be a success business model. We trust our strategic partners to represent our products and take control of the end customer relationship because of their commitment, and their core values and dedication. Our partners are critical to our success as they bring our product closer to the consumer.

Below is a short list of Malta Dynamics certified strategic partners. The partners are well-qualified and have been through our evaluation process. These companies have demonstrated a commitment to their customers on a consistent basis. We are proud of our partners and have worked with them to provide training on our ever growing product offering and authorized them to train, inspect and repair our products. If you have additional questions please contact customer service at 1-800-494-1840