The XSERIES Mobile Grabber is an award-winning piece of machinery and has been tested to meet all applicable OSHA standards. It’s perfect for those hard-to-protect spaces such as loading and unloading on construction sites, power generation facilities, aircraft maintenance, confined spaces, and many more. 

Do you ever have difficulty finding a safe anchor point? Discover what it means to have overhead anchorage anytime, anywhere. 
The road towable XSERIES Mobile Grabber provides reliable overhead anchorage for as many as 5 users and up to 34′ in the air. 

The entire line of XSERIES Mobile Fall Protection Systems have been meticulously designed and proudly made in the USA. 

Each unit has been put through rigorous 3rd party testing to meet the strict standards of both OSHA and ANSI, so you can rent or purchase with confidence knowing that you workers’ lives are protected.  

American Safety Rentals offers fall protection and safety solutions that are professionally inspected and shipped directly to your worksite.

Whether you’re looking for rentals by the day, week, or month, you’re covered with a simple reservation process and top-notch customer service.

Rent from a wide variety of equipment including the Malta Dynamics XSERIES Mobile Fall Protection System, self-retracting lifelines, tripods, universal guardrail, beam stanchions, roof carts, and more!

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you asked we answer

Yes, your XSERIES needs to be within 2 degrees of level on both levels built into your unit.

The XSERIES units have been designed for use with a personal fall arrest system and are suitable for fall arrest applications. 

Each anchor point is rated for 1 worker at a max of 310lbs/per anchor point.

Yes, the worker must operate within 30 degrees of the anchor point.

In addition to the XSERIES unit, a self-retracting lifeline that limits the max arresting force to 900 lbs. is needed, as well as an OSHA compliant full body harness.

The XSERIES units are compatible for movement with a 25/16 inch ball hitch, built-in fork pockets, or the included crane pick points. 

Yes. The unit can be used in any position from 2’ off the ground up to the max height of 34’.

Absolutely, all XSERIES units have been 3rd party tested to meet the strict standards of both OSHA and ANSI. 

There are two options for charging the XSERIES battery: 110V outlet or, you can charge the battery with the addition of Solar Panels (if installed). 

Yes, and to thank you for your repeat business, you will receive a 25% discount from the pricing in the American Safety Rentals brochure.

Yes, the line of mobile XSERIES units can be towed at posted highway speeds.

No. The unit is meant to catch a worker in a fall arrest application only.

Each XSERIES unit comes with a 1 year limited warranty for all parts and an exceptional 5 year structural warranty.

With the addition of the optional rescue system add-on (can be purchased and added later), yes, the XSERIES can be used for confined space rescue and retrieval.

The battery life of an XSERIES unit is impressive, 20 up-downs of the mast can be expected from each full charge. 

A pre-use inspection (see page 21 in the instructional manual) is always required before encountering a fall hazard, and in accordance with OSHA, an annual competent person  inspection is mandatory. 

Yes, the XSERIES mast is suitable for rescue applications. You can use the unit to lower a worker, who has encountered a fall, to a safe level.

If a hydraulic line gets severed, the system is equipped with built-in safety features to ensure the system does not lose pressure.

The maintenance of the XSERIES is extremely user-friendly and simple: check the hydraulic fluid level, check the water in the battery, and lubricate the grease points on the unit. 

The need for a tag and registration for your unit depends on your State. Be sure to check with your local DMV for the specifics on towing your XSERIES

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