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Hard Hat Spec Sheet

Full Brim Yellow Hard Hat with Visor

Malta Dynamics has put together a hard hat visor kit that is designed to give full protection for both your head and face. This kit includes a 4 Pt. Ratchet Full Brim Style Hard Hat, a visor, and a bracket. The hat is a standard hard hat with a full brim featuring a poly brow pad and four points of attachment for a more secure fit. The full brim protects against splash, glare, and sun exposure. The Malta Dynamics flat acetate visor is to be used in conjunction with the Malta Dynamics brand face shield brackets to protect against light chemical splashes and impacts. 


Key Features: 

● Vents on top of hard hat increase air circulation, keeping your head cool and comfortable all day
● Rugged, lightweight polyethylene shell on hard hat holds up to tough punishment 
● Hard Hat Ratchet suspension ensures fast, easy size adjustments and is equipped with cushion pillows and nape cushion for a snug, comfortable fit 
● Durable, innovative face shields resist impact, chemicals, shattering, and high temperatures 
● Unique face shield composition is BPA- and EA-free 
● Co-polyester visors are impact- and chemical-resistant 
● Bracket is constructed of lightweight, durable nylon for dielectric safety 
● Bracket easily fits over safety glasses and half mask respirators