Safety Resources

Work Confidently at Heights

At Malta Dynamics, our mission is for everyone to come home safe at the end of the work day. Fall protection systems alone do not guarantee safety for your workers. How you use the equipment and train with the systems also matters.

We have developed several resources for you and your team so you can work confidently at heights. From fall protection plans that you can customize for your crew to instructions and tips related specifically to our products, we have you covered.

Check out the following resources, and stay safe:

Download and edit this plan to make it your own. You can customize and use this plan for each job you do.

Download our free Hazard Assessment checklist today to identify the fall risks at your jobsite and keep your workers safe.

Download this free Rescue Plan and prepare your team to respond quickly to a fall event. Prevent dangerous delays with this customizable template.

Boost your knowledge, offer training tools for your workers and learn more about recommended uses for cutting-edge fall protection equipment with our recorded webinars.

Check out our infographics for statistics about fall protection and why it matters.

Download our latest product catalog for an overview of our fall protection equipment.

We offer downloadable posters to teach your team about swing fall hazards, calculating clear fall distance and more.

Download these inspection forms for pre-use safety inspections of all of your full-body harnesses, self-retracting lifelines and more.