When an unexpected or temporary need for fall protection arises, Malta Dynamics can help. We offer flexible rental programs for some of our most popular fall protection equipment, allowing you to enjoy the safety of our quality products without having to commit to a purchase.

XSERIES Mobile Grabber Rental Program

If you need overhead fall protection on short notice or for a limited amount of time, Malta Dynamics can temporarily provide a rental XSERIES Mobile Grabber. As our network of available XSERIES units continues to grow throughout the United States and Canada, we’re better able than ever to accommodate most rental requests.




Self-Retracting Lifeline Rental Program

If you need self-retracting lifelines on short notice or for a single project, Malta Dynamics offers a flexible SRL rental program. You can rent Malta Dynamics SRLS for a little as $50 a week; we’ll inspect the SRLs for you and ship them straight to your jobsite. We’ll handle any repairs and return inspections for you, too. It’s an easy, cost-effective way to enjoy the protection of our SRLS even for a temporary need.