Independent Sales Representative

There are many reasons to explore Independent Sales Representatives programs as a supplemental revenue stream or as a stand-alone business model.

Independent sales Representative programs allow you to take control of your time and your income. They are self-directed opportunities that don’t require a specific type of experience or a sparkling resume. You can begin right away and spend as much or as little time and energy as you wish. They’re great opportunities to satisfy the entrepreneurial itch without having to go all-in on starting up a company from scratch.

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Becoming a Malta Dynamics Independent Sales Representative is as easy as one, two, three.

Step 1

Once you sign and send in the Malta Dynamics Independent Sales Representative Agreement, you can begin acting as an Independent Sales Representative of Malta Dynamics right away. Our written agreement is simple and easy to understand. Once signed up you will be expected to complete a 12 hour training course via video. After you complete training, you will receive our welcome kit that includes our full catalog of products, product specifications, new account setup forms and price sheets, as well as a sample product kit with over a $1800 retail value!

Step 2

Set up your account to get credit for commissionable sales. Simply fill out the online form provided in your welcome kit for any new customers from your contacts and activities, and all purchases made by that customer will be commissionable sales. You are not even required to take purchase orders or fill orders—we do all of that for you! All you have to do is set up the new customer account.

Step 3

Generate revenue. Once we have you recorded in the system as the owner of a customer account, you will receive up to 15% commission on ALL sales generated by that customer. This includes that customer’s future orders, reordering supplies, and any new products the customer buys from us—whether you pitched the customer to buy these products directly or not!

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