Engineered Services

Malta Dynamics offers several services to help you meet, but more importantly, exceed OSHA and ANSI fall protection standards. Our fall protection specialists can provide you with an assessment of your fall hazards, suggest the appropriate equipment and fall protection systems for your jobsite and provide high-quality installation services, so you know the equipment you purchased is safe for your crew.

Whether you need fall protection services for manufacturing, automotive assembly, fire and rescue, aircraft maintenance, roofing, rail car loading or power company facilities, Malta Dynamics helps keep your workers and your facilities safe and compliant with OSHA and ANSI standards. We provide full turnkey design and engineering services, consulting services, training, on-site assessments, equipment re-certifications and equipment fabrication.

Our services include: 

Site Specific Survey
Our job is to help keep you safe, which is why we offer site-specific surveys to help you assess your fall protection equipment and strategies. We offer not only suggestions for equipment that will help you meet your goals, but also advice on methods to keep your employees safe. Once we’ve discussed your needs, Malta Dynamics compiles a comprehensive report for the entire facility that communicates any potential fall hazards, unmet OSHA requirements and suggested alternatives to help eliminate any hazards.

Turn Key Engineered Design Solutions
Following a site-specific survey, our team takes our assessments to the next level by providing detailed engineering calculations and drawings to support and implement our solutions. We have the capability to design and fabricate unique parts as needed or use off-the-shelf system components. Once you approve the design, sit back and watch as our installation team makes your customized plans a reality at a convenient time for you so as not to disrupt operations.

Site-Specific Engineering Analysis and Reports with PE Stamp
We recognize that your needs are unique to your jobsite, which is why our site-specific engineering analysis is catered to your facility. Our comprehensive analysis helps develop a framework for mitigating and even eliminating potential hazards for your workers and your site as a whole. Our reports offer alternatives and suggestions for improving safety standards and utilizing fall protection equipment to its full potential.

Custom Solution Product Engineering and Fabrication
See how our experts can assist with system design and engineering, as well as fabrication of parts and brackets. Our thorough analysis helps pinpoint your equipment and fall protection plan needs, and our experts follow through with product engineering and fabrication.

Turn-Key Installation Services by Factory Direct or Factory Certified Network of Installers
Our experts recognize that fall protection systems installation and design services are a top priority, but we also recognize the need to minimize disruptions in work. Our turn-key installation services are put into effect at your convenience, utilizing our top-notch engineers available to tackle any size job with the know-how to maintain quality control and ensure high quality standards.

Systems User Training
While we are confident in the quality of our fall protection equipment, we are also adamant that our equipment should be used correctly. This is why we offer systems user training to help demonstrate usage, ultimately improving the safety of your jobsite and your employees. We support a state-of-the-art training facility where OSHA-certified classes offer additional instruction on equipment inspection, awareness and competency, featuring real-world examples.

Complete Systems Inspection and Recertification Services
Helping you develop a fall protection plan is our primary goal, and in order to do that, we offer complete systems inspection and recertification services. Our professionals perform a rigorous inspection and recertification of your existing systems for OSHA and ANSI compliance. In addition, we offer on-site repairs, replacement of components and training on best practices.

Equipment Inspection and Recertification Services
The quality of your equipment affects your overall production, which is why our equipment inspection and recertification services are designed to keep your employees safe and your worksite running efficiently. Our comprehensive inspection services utilize instant identification to scan tags and identify equipment standards., and inspect the PPE your workers depend on daily using state-of-the-art technologies