Thank you for choosing our guide: “How and why to provide overhead anchor points when there is nowhere to tie off.”

If you need a mobile fall protection solution, check out these advantages of the XSERIES Mobile Grabber:

1) Flexibility and mobility. The unit can provide a mobile fall arrest anchor point from 2’ to 34’ (0.61 to 10.36m) and can accommodate up to five workers. The unit is road-towable, has fork pockets for easy positioning indoors, and can be flown in onto various surfaces.

2) Pre-engineered and easy to operate. There is no need for an engineer or qualified person to set up and approve the system. The XSERIES is operated by a remote controller that any worker can use.

3) Simplicity. The unit’s overhead anchor points eliminate the need for leading-edge SRLs; standard Class B SRLs provide a shorter fall distance of 54 inches (1.37 m), simplifying your fall clearance calculation.

4) Avoids contact with an edge. The connector should not contact an edge in the event of a fall because the anchor point is located overhead.